Vinyl floors are back and Philadelphia commercial flooring will install them for you

Vinyl floors are back and Philadelphia commercial flooring will install them for you

Believe or not, this is happening. The new trend in flooring is vinyl for your home, office or any space you want and Philadelphia commercial flooring is the one store that offer materials and installation. 

Perhaps this material is not the first that comes to your mind when you think about for floor covering, the truth is that it has many benefits and that is why it has gained many followers lately. It is actually a viable option, it is economical to install and maintain, looks really nice and it is practical, vinyl floors are here to stay.

Benefits, presentations and options available

Vinyl flooring comes in different presentations and sports a variety of designs, which offers us, Philly Floor Store many options to personalize our home. Depending on what we are looking for, we can find floors with simple, neutral and very discreet colors to bright and shiny colors.

One of the advantages is that vinyl flooring can imitate any material; it means we can have a floor very similar to wood, without having to worry about the exhaustive care it needs.

On the other hand, roll presentations are not the best option for deco-personalization, but they make up for it with their fine designs, since they cover a very large area, they can have more patterns and can even create interesting optical illusions, and are ideal for rooms, offices, studios or big spaces to play with decoration and furniture. There are other presentations that are not very common, however, but they remain as a classic: geometric figures, as that helps them to fit together at the time of installation.

The presentations in which you can find them are many, being the long plates the most common. The designs of these are planned to follow a definite pattern… 

But what if we want to combine different designs? The result would be a very original and personalized floor. It is a matter of testing, and Philly Floor Store can actually help you very much in that matter.

Here we detail in this list the important qualities of the vinyl floors that Philadelphia Commercial Flooring has for you:

  1. Lots of variety: A wide variety of designs is offered on the market, including wood, stone and cement. They have an average format of 1.25 m x 18.7 cm; and 1.30 m x 32 cm. (This is just a standard size).
  2. Easy to install: There are models that do not require glue or nails for installation. These have a click connection system, so if one of the pieces is damaged, it is simply removed and replaced by another and Philly Floor Store has those for your spaces.
  3. The waiting time: It is recommended to locate the furniture after 24 hours of installation, so as not to spoil the finish. Avoid waxing this material because it can get dust.
  4. Firm colors: These pieces have a transparent protective layer that provides durability against wear and tear and UV rays. This floor, unlike porcelain tile, provides a warm feeling and is for all types of traffic.
  5. Vinyl floor resist humidity: In the case of Philly Floor Store installing the tiles with adhesive, we make sure that the floor is completely dry. In buildings under construction it is necessary to wait between 7 and 14 days, so that the cement does not retain liquids. Once installed, they have great resistance to humidity, which is why they shine in kitchens and bathrooms.
  6. Great for every environment: vinyl floors is a material which is also used in high traffic spaces. Due to its composition, it resists damage caused by wheels and furniture.
  7. Versatility of vinyl floors: They can also installed on walls and ceilings to create an atmosphere. We need to make sure the surface is leveled before gluing the tiles. To clean, you just need to vacuum, sweep or mop.

The main thing with these kinds of floors is to avoid dirt in the space, which is easily achieved with a carpet in the hall for example. You also need to know that the use of abrasive or very strong detergents should be avoided because it damage the flooring. It is best to cover and squeeze the mop very well, as the moisture can cause the corners of the vinyl to peel off. It is also important to check the furniture legs and not drag them, as they can cause scratches and dents, but this is just normal caring, these floors are beautiful and Philadelphia commercial flooring has a fast installation service if you finally decide to go for it.

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