Flooring Solutions: Renovating floors at home

It is useless to have a wonderful living room or a spectacular kitchen if the flooring of your house is in bad shape or looks awful. We should always improve the place where we live and even more the floors. That is why we can provide you with flooring solutions and products to renovate your flooring.

One of the elements that help to highlight to have a very attractive appearance in the space is the floor.

It is important to choose the right one to make our home comfortable, beautiful and cozy; a place where you want to be.

Read on, we have some great ideas to help you renovate your floors properly.

Types of flooring to install in your home

  • Vinyl flooring and its many facets

Its great advantage over many laminate floors is that you can use it in kitchens or bathrooms, and due to its thinness, it is often not necessary to lower frames or doors. However, it is essential that it is installed on a surface without irregularities or a leveling primer is applied so that it is perfect and remains in place for many years.

Vinyl floors are excellent for imitating materials such as wood for example and in fact, some years ago vinyl gained advantages over many materials thanks to its finish and because they are cheaper and more versatile.

  • Laminate flooring

The appearance is very similar to the vinyl floors. You already know that these floors are perfect for apartments, houses or even commercial premises; as long as you do not have humidity issues and you want a finish similar to what parquet can offer you.  These are easy to install, economical and also very durable. Be careful, because not all of them are suitable for bathrooms or kitchens.

Their price and easy installation made them favorites for a long time, so it is best that you value the needs of your home and choose the floor that best suits your lifestyle.

  • Ceramic flooring

Ceramic floorig is made with clay and natural materials that are mixed and subjected to high temperatures. It is one of the most used floors in the interior of homes; its main characteristic is that it is formed by similar pieces (tiles), which in some cases form shapes on the floor. They can be found with smooth and non-skid surfaces, in glossy or opaque finishes and in different sizes, generally between 20 to 50 centimeters.

Ceramic tile flooring is divided according to its use, light traffic and heavy traffic. The light traffic floor is ideal for the entire interior of the house; while the heavy traffic floor is usually placed in entrances, hallways and exteriors, that is, places with greater use, since it is more resistant.

  • Cement Flooring

Cement flooring was used in exteriors, specifically in places with heavy traffic, such as garages and patios, but today it has become a trend as it is a complement to modern decorative styles, such as rustic and industrial.

Among its advantages are its low cost and easy installation, it is also very resistant, it combines perfectly with different materials used in interior design, it has long durability, it increases luminosity because it reflects light and the maintenance it requires is minimal.

  • Wood flooring

Wood flooring is often used in the living room because it is warm and cozy and keeps the temperature in the winter season. This floor is used in rustic and Nordic styles.

Depending on the quality of wood you have can give different finishes and functionality.

Some of the advantages of wood flooring for your home are the warmth it brings to the space; it does not absorb dust or dirt, it maintains the temperature of the place, it exists in a variety of colors and depending on the maintenance it can last a long time.

  • Carpeted floors

It is one of the most recommended floors for the living room, giving us the sensations of warmth and comfort to the space.

It is even nice and keeps the floor very warm in the winter seasons.

It also helps to diminish the sound of footsteps offering an acoustic isolation; among its advantages are the protection against the blows, the comfort, the variety of the colors and the combinations enlarge the space.