Install Vinyl Flooring At Home and Office with Philadelphia Commercial Flooring for 2021

Install Vinyl Flooring At Home and Office with Philadelphia Commercial Flooring for 2021

Vinyl floors have been one of the best options for businesses and houses, this for different reasons, above all because of financial savings, something very important to start 2021 and Philadelphia commercial flooring is the key.

The versatility that vinyl provides in these cases is another reason to install them, since it is very common to see this type of material in homes and also in many private offices.

Perfect for every place

Vinyl floors can be used in different rooms, from those little frequented, such as those with high daily traffic. One of the great advantages of this type of vinyl is undoubtedly its resistance to water, generally being used in places such as kitchens or bathrooms.

There are also special places, such as health centers that have decided to install vinyl on the floor as it is a very cheap and convenient way to avoid damaging and perform daily maintenance. Philadelphia Commercial Flooring is qualified to do these installations.

Vinyl floors are hypoallergenic 

Vinyl has the advantage of being able to be cleaned very easily, it is quick drying and depending on the style you choose you will not notice seams or dirt residues, so it is also very hygienic.

For all those who suffer from allergies, they should know that the vinyl for floors is completely hypoallergenic, so they will not have any problems during its use, quite the opposite of other materials such as the carpets that they use at home or in the offices that they should be cleaned frequently as they cause strong allergies. 

Personalized Styles with Philadelphia Commercial Flooring

The styles of vinyl floors are multiple, you can choose the design and color that you like the most, combine them aesthetically to create a personalized space.

The pattern or colors you choose can be adapted to the style of the environment in which you are or that you want to renew.

The advantage of vinyl for floors is undoubtedly being able to adapt the one you like the most without thinking about the place since they look very good, they are elegant at a much lower price than other materials, which also have very little durability.

Vinyl trends for 2021

The 80s and 90s are back for home and office decoration, floral patterns, natural elements, the vintage style of the 90s, faithful to worn elements but maintaining elegance.

The use of bright colors in combination with complementary elements such as animals and figures, to give a touch of fullness and intensity, without losing minimalism.

And as for the 90s, the colors are monochromatic tones, predominantly red. Philly Floor Store offers you these materials so you can see that it is very easy to decorate, you can use vinyl in a red tone for your floors and give a bold and lively touch.

Wood is always in fashion and 2021 is no exception

Have you noticed that many houses that have been renovated in the 90s have as a common element the use of wood in floors and walls? Fortunately, this concept has evolved and now we can dress our rooms with a wide variety of woods that Philly Floor Store can install quickly and easily.

Every space in your house can be decorated with vinyl, a trend that has been taking place is to cover your walls with vinyl, either unicolor or in patterns and posters, and 2021 will be all about renovating and giving life to the spaces.

If you’d rather cover the entire wall with a decorative wall mural, you can put vinyl tiles in your bathroom with the help of the Philly Floor Store.

A cheerful design with tones that combine with the other elements of the room. The vinyls have an advantage, being adhesive you can place them where you want and easily remove them when you want to redecorate your home.

You can decorate the kitchen with special vinyl for backsplashes that Philadelphia Commercial Flooring has available, since it is a laminated vinyl material that protects against any scratches. It resists humidity, so it is perfect to place it in both kitchens and bathrooms. An original and simple idea to decorate the wall or floors of the kitchen, and in this way protect it from any splash or damage.


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