Ideas to create the perfect environment with your wooden vinyl floors

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Ideas to create the perfect environment with your wooden vinyl floors

For those who want a change and are thinking about remodeling the floors of the house, maybe the kitchen, or bedrooms or even your office, in this post we want to share beautiful, economical and easy-to-install options: the vinyl floors that Philadelphia Commercial Flooring has for you. 

These have become a world trend due to their modern finish and low cost compared to real wood, marble and even ceramic floors. The ideas and possibilities are endless with these type of floors and it definitely give your rooms a different look, and you are going to love it.

Philadelphia Commercial Flooring are low cost:

They are much cheaper than true wood floors that can even triple in price. The cost of materials and decorative elements in interior design is expensive and more when it comes to remodeling your floors, but this option is perfect, innovative and elegant, it is the best you can do because you do not need to invest a large amount money on installing real hardwood floors, Philly Floor Store Installation is the solution if you’re looking for economy.

Quality: what is vinyl compared to wood?

This type of floor is one of the most used today in interior design and decoration, its manufacture is from Polyvinyl chloride or PVC, which means that it is made of plastic and it is very practical to install. Piladelphia Commercial Flooring we have very good prices.

In addition, it is considered one of the most economical materials in relation to conventional floors, not only wood, but porcelain or ceramic. They come in various presentations such as tiles, planks or rolls.

How to maintain them without damaging them?

Vinyl floors are very easy to clean, you only need a little soap and water or disinfectant with a smell to remove dirt from the floor, but you must take special care when washing them because they tend to rise if there is moisture in the environment or if they have been left wet for a long time. Try to clean them with a scrub where you can gently mop them, otherwise you could scratch or scrape them. Replacing them is not difficult and in fact they can last many years in good condition, but you must make your investment worth it.

Philly Floor Store Installation process

Here are some quick facts on what we do when installing your vinyl flooring:

– We follow the manufacturer’s instructions, they are almost always the same but the material could require certain changes.

– We take the necessary measures to ensure we cover all the space that needs to be remodeled.

– We remove any obstacle, removing furniture and baseboards and any object in the space to work.

– We then remove the old floor covering.

– We make a template by taking precise measurements with large pieces of paper, as an example.

– We prepare, install and smooth the plywood underlayment to level the floor.

– We define the pattern of the vinyl by cutting the sheets to fit the space.

– We glue the vinyl floor starting in the center of the room and following the defined pattern.

– We fix the glue well by passing a roller for floors.

– We hope the glue dries well and install the skirting boards again.

A few things about vinyl flooring:

One of the most interesting advantages that vinyl flooring offers, is the possibility of laying it directly on the previous flooring. No uncomfortable construction or need to remove debris. Without a doubt, this means a significant saving of time and money. Now, for the result to be ideal, the previous floor must be leveled. If not, a professional such as Piladelphia Commercial Flooring, will be able to fix any type of unevenness.

We cannot deny that the most sought after for the home are vinyl floors that imitate wood, since they are capable of transmitting the roughness and warmth of this material like no other.

However, it should be known that it is not the only finish that we can find. Vinyl has endless designs, patterns, colors, and textures. You can choose from vinyl floors that imitate cement, those that imitate marble, stone or even hydraulic-type models, which are very trendy these days.

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