Garage Flooring

Garage Flooring

The types of garage flooring available in any store require different qualities than indoor floorings, such as vinyl, because they must be resistant and can withstand the weight, traction, vibration, and wear of vehicles.

A good garage floor protects the surface while providing an aesthetic and unique finish.  It must support some weathering if the space is outdoors. 

Garages are exposed to adverse conditions (humidity, chemicals, oil from cars, etc.) that can wear out or deteriorate the surface. Therefore, it is essential to have a floor that can resist damage and remain intact over time.

There are many options for this type of flooring, and in this article, we tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is a garage floor?

The garage is where objects that can damage the surface (such as cars, heavy tools or household items) constantly pass through, as many people use this space for storage. However, despite the usefulness of garages, very few people give garage floors the relevance and importance they deserve.

In most cases people use these floors in storage spaces such as garages and warehouses, industrial production areas, and home garages. Also, because this type of flooring should be neat, many builders use it as flooring for clinics, hospitals and nursing homes. Other users choose this type of flooring to build sports courts such as basketball courts, or simply to pave those places that are constantly exposed to intense deterioration.

There is a wide variety of materials available for garage flooring. Each one fits the requirements of the space, and the needs of the users. Indeed, the continuous traffic in a garage makes it essential to choose flooring that provides resistance and does not wear out so easily.

These floors must be resistant to the friction caused by car tires and the action of chemicals that may be spread (such as fuel or car oil, for example). In addition, these floors must also be sufficiently hard, so they last over time. Finally, we recommend that the garage floor has an optimal grip, which will prevent falls and skidding.

A good floor for your garage space can guarantee the comfort and safety you need.

What characteristics should a garage floor have?

Garage floors are constantly exposed to high vehicular traffic, as well as there are heavyweights, so these floors must meet specific characteristics so that the surface does not wear or deteriorate over time. In this sense, the characteristics of this type of floor are the following:

  • Hardness: heavy vehicles and all kinds of storage materials transit on these floors, so hardness is a remarkable feature of these surfaces. This hardness can stand the friction generated by car tires, as the action of chemicals, which ensures that the floor is more durable.
  • Resistant to high temperatures: cars tend to heat the surface where they place, so this property is indispensable. It has been proven that this type of flooring can withstand extreme heat conditions.
  • Optimal adherence: this feature is highly dependent on external factors such as humidity and the different usage requirements from the users. By having optimum adherence, this type of flooring provides neatness and resistance while preventing skidding of tires or any accident (such as falls, for example). It is required to have a high hardness and, at the same time, a decorative finish that is easy to clean and maintain.
  • It is anti-slip: this property is related to its optimum adherence and is indispensable for any type of garage floor.
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance: this feature is also worth noting, as the materials used to construct garage floors provide a neat, smooth and easy-to-clean surface. This, in turn, also ensures that you get a long-lasting floor.
  • Economic aspects: using this type of flooring means considerable economic savings, since they require less labor (because they are easy to install), and the materials used are very affordable.

What type of garage floor should I choose?

The type of pavement or coating of the garage floor that you will apply will depend on the project you have, a garage that is just to house the family car can use not so expensive materials because the use of space is not intense; but it is different when it is a garage or a parking lot for heavy vehicles.

The aesthetics of any surface is important; that floor should be as impeccable as possible because there is nothing nicer than a smooth, shiny, and clean floor.

The type of garage floor should be chosen according to the project to be developed in the physical space to be installed; so the advice of a professional is ideal to ensure the perpetuity of that floor and that the different erosive environmental factors and chemical agents, including lubricants do not deteriorate it.

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