Outdoor flooring: high resistance!

Exteriors shine thanks to the floorhttps://www.ambientbp.com/blog/top-flooring-trends-2022. Just as in a home, the flooring is important for outdoor spaces. Even more when the summer is coming, which if we are lucky, we will enjoy it this year, so installing outdoor flooring for a different environment is a very good idea.

Moreover, on the terraces, gardens, and others, we need more resistant floors, because it is the place where we meet the direct sun, the rain and the cold.

Here are some ideas for your outdoor flooring

  • Outdoor concrete floors

We start with this option since it is very trendy these days, thanks to its quality and practicality. It brings modernity, they are easy to install and are a highly resistant material to any cleaning product. Its maintenance is simple and economical.

It is also highly recommended for exteriors due to its hardness and resistance. An exceptional floor that we can place even in the pool area and it will look great.

  • Ceramic floors

Ceramic floors are the most commonly used in exterior spaces, because of the many advantages these types of floors. To begin with, they are almost maintenance-free. In addition, we cannot forget that ceramic is very resistant to temperature changes, which is important for outdoor flooring.

Remember that within the ceramic floors we can find terracotta, porcelain or stoneware.

  • Natural stone flooring for exteriors

Here is the most elegant option, natural stone flooring. We cannot deny that it is one of the most aesthetic visual materials and, in addition, environmentally friendly. We can find polished stone, marble, for example. With easy maintenance and durability, and we cannot deny that natural stone has that plus of exclusivity that we like so much.

Within the natural stones we will find some more resistant than others. Flagstones for example; these are resistant to all types of weather, although they are more appropriate for cold places, as they withstand ice very well.

Granite is one of the most beautiful options. It is recommended in warm areas, as it has an enormous resistance to high temperatures. Likewise, we can also find natural stones such as slate. It is a waterproof material and a good thermal insulator. In addition, it is also quite resistant.

  • Composite flooring

Wood is delicate, even exotic woods which are used to humidity. But if you like the wooden finish, there are options for you, that are for sure much more resistant. Composite is your choice, this is a synthetic decking made from natural wood fibers, polymers and additives that make it especially resistant.

The composite can withstand the most extreme conditions, both in cold and heat. It is not affected by the sun or rain, or by hail, ice, or snow. In addition, it is really easy to maintain, as it does not require specific care such as the varnishing that wood requires from time to time.

In short, composite is a solution that is increasingly used in exteriors because, in addition to being resistant, it has diverse tones and finishes that perfectly mimic wood.

And now… color for the water of your pool

It is not only about installing outdoor flooring, the pool is also important and you must give an original touch to this recreational space to make the environment unique.

The water in a pool should always give that blue hue that invites you to swim and feel in a paradise, but of course, among the range of pool floor colors we can play a little and give the bottom of your pool a different tone than usual.

  • White and light shades

If you choose light tones for the pool shell you will get the maximum transparency of the water and a feeling of being on a Caribbean beach.

  • Mediterranean sand color

For a unique touch this type of tones are ideal, in combination with white on the walls and some olive tones, your pool will be an oasis.

  • Dark and gray colors

Dark tones bring depth, intensity, and elegant sobriety of style.

These colors evoke the colors of the ocean and give a sense of stillness.

Finally, you can play with the textures of your floors, including the pool, by combining different materials, get good advice and remember that you can go to our showroom to see all the products we have for you.