Guide on Vinyl Flooring: Characteristics, Types, Advantages of floor store installation

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Guide on Vinyl Flooring: Characteristics, Types, Advantages of floor store installation

Talking about vinyl flooring is not something new, vinyl is a material that was already used in the 50s since they were cheap floors and their quality was not the best. However, this has changed a lot during the last decade, including the opinions of many consumers since floor store installation includes very good materials and designs, in addition to practicality and its price is quite varied while remaining accessible.

The current offer in flooring and floor coverings includes various materials that are not limited to low quality.

Along with traditional wooden or stoneware floors, we can find other options, such as vinyl floors, which have recently gained a lot of popularity. The new materials and treatments used in its elaboration have made it possible to create a floor with great benefits.

On the one hand, vinyl flooring presents the possibility of choosing any design, something that was not possible a few years ago. It offers high quality materials for all types of environments.

We present our guide:

Advantages of vinyl floors

  • They are easy to clean: This type of coatings allow a simple and uncomplicated cleaning. As they are made with waterproof materials, you can use the mop soaked in water and some floor cleaner that does not contain abrasives or solvents.
  • They are suitable for warm and wet areas: Their impermeability makes them perfect for the most humid areas of the house, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. To avoid accidents, it is recommended that in these areas you use a vinyl floor with non-slip treatment.
  • They are easy to install: The installation of a vinyl floor does not require removing the previous one, since it is placed on top. This represents a significant saving in cost and time, being a quick, simple and clean installation. These floors are usually supplied in rolls, sheets or in tile format and we are your option to do this job.
  • They have a great variety of designs: We offer you vinyl coverings mixes that very well imitate different materials, such as wood, stone or stoneware. In different finishes and colors, these floors will allow you to find an option that fits perfectly with the decoration of your home.
  • Vinyl floors are very hygienic: The materials used in the manufacture of these coatings prevent the accumulation of mites and bacteria, so they are especially clean. This characteristic makes them ideal for installation in children’s bedrooms and in the kitchen or bathroom.
  • Suitable for any environment or decorative style: Regardless of the style with which you have decorated your house, it will be very easy to find a vinyl floor in our store that fits what you are looking for. They are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and designs of different materials, for example, white oak wood, marble, hydraulic tiles, etc.
  • The life of vinyl flooring: They are resistant to bumps, scratches, stains, liquid splashes and even the wear and tear inflicted by areas with high human traffic. Vinyl floors will stay in great shape for years, we could even say for decades. 
  • The various formats of vinyl flooring: As for the design, not everything is about the drawing, the format and size of each of the tiles also matter and how they can be combined, to achieve unique designs.

Regardless of the format we use, one of the advantages of vinyl flooring installation is that it does not require much maintenance or hard work when installing, in fact, it can be installed on pre-existing flooring.

Vinyl floors provide comfort through each step as they provide cushioning. They were born to be installed everywhere, they are extremely versatile.

Having a vinyl floor gives a beautiful perspective as if you step on a real tile or a real wooden plank.

We are your Philly Floor Store and we offer a fast, efficient and accessible installation service, check our prices.


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