Choose floors that hide dirt and grime


Choose floors that hide dirt and grime

We tend to worry more about the color of the walls or the furniture, but the flooring can completely change the perception of our home. The floors in a home are a relevant investment because continuous wear and tear, dirt accumulation, and daily use can make new floors look old and dirty in a short period.

With the correct type of flooring, you won’t avoid having to clean or scrub it, but you won’t be overwhelmed by seeing it dirty until you take the time to do so. Choosing floors that hide dirt is a good idea if you want your place, home, or office to look neat.

It is best to choose the right flooring before deciding on any material, Philadelphia Flooring Solutions suggest considering the opinion of experts and manufacturers. Here are some general considerations and, for those of you who are close to making a decision.

Avoid black or white colors

White floors convey cleanliness and give the house a lot of light. It may seem like the perfect floor, but its maintenance must be constant precisely because of the purity of the tone. White color is going to make any small stain instantly visible.

Black floors became fashionable a few years ago and can be interesting for some spaces. Being the opposite color to white, some people may think they are a good choice, but this is not the case. A uniform black floor will make dirt visible right away.

The best floors to hide the dirt

Let’s take a look at some of the best floors to keep dirt out of your home:

  • Wooden floors

It is one of the best choices for hiding dust without showing large amounts of dirt. It is important to choose resistant wood for areas of high use or traffic.

Because of the warmth of wood tones, depending on which one you choose, it tends to hide dust and dirt.

  • Ceramic or stoneware

Ceramic floor finish is exceptionally good at hiding dirt when it comes to veining. Natural patterns can distract the eye in a way that perfectly hides dirt and dust. Go for a tile with a natural look that mimics stone or marble. It is perfect for hiding excess dirt and will maintain a luxurious look without the hassle of having to brush it every few hours.

  • Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is a multi-layered flooring type designed to be easy to install and last for many years. You can choose the design you prefer; so there will be floors with different patterns and shades.

Choose a floor that is not too light or dark. A good option is to choose a pattern or an imitation wood or porcelain floor.

Suggestions for choosing your floors

We’ve already looked at the best options you have if you want floors that won’t get dirty:

  • Avoid floors whose surfaces are too shiny or colors like black or white.
  • Instead, choose floors in different shades with a pattern.

Tips to avoid poor cleaning

When we get ready to mop the floor, sometimes we do not consider a series of details that can make the difference between a good job and a mediocre cleaning:

  • Cleaning without sweeping or vacuuming: will collect all dirt, and you will end up with muddy water, spreading all the dirt from one place to another. It is mandatory to sweep and remove the residues from the floor before mopping.
  • Using too much or too little cleaning product: the cleaning product has a label; there you will find the right amount to use. You should follow these instructions. If you use too little, you will not clean properly, and if you use too much, you will leave with streaks.

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