Industrial floors installation: everything you need to know about industrial flooring

Industrial flooring installation comes from the need to have floors with special characteristics that benefit multiple activities. However, not all industrial floors serve the same applications, so it is important to have certain criteria when choosing one or the other.

Industrial floors are ideal for different sectors, industries and companies, however, and depending on the needs, the one that best suits individual needs should be chosen. In this note we tell you what you should take into account to make the best decision.

How our team can help you with Industrial flooring installations

Not sure which benefits are best for the flooring in your facility? There’s a lot to think about, and that’s why our highly experienced flooring experts are here for you. We help you assess your Industrial floor covering needs, answer your questions, and assist you in choosing the best custom flooring system for your operation and your pocket.

Our experts will determine which commercial/industrial flooring is best for your space, based on its function and use, and will consult with you to learn more about your installation.

In addition to industrial flooring requirements like these, every facility needs a floor that will withstand regular traffic. Information on the frequency of foot traffic, as well as rubber and steel wheel traffic, heavy loads, heavy impact or sharp instrument hits and more; It is critical in determining what type of custom flooring system benefits your installation the most. Even your maintenance routines make a difference.

Elements to take into account for the installation of industrial floors

  • Function of the space
    Considering well the function of the space in which the industrial floor will be installed is of utmost importance to choose the right one.
    For this reason, pay careful attention to the needs of your business or company before deciding on the type of flooring you need.

  • Traffic level
    As we mentioned before, taking into account the amount and volume of traffic to which the industrial floor will be subjected is important to guarantee safety, anticipate maintenance costs and make a decision that contributes to the proper functioning of your facilities.
    Choosing a floor for a logistics center is not the same as choosing one for a retail store or even a rubber floor for a gym. In some of the above cases you will need a sturdy floor with an ultra-hard and durable surface, and for others, a floor with a flexible finish.
    Considering traffic also helps you factor in what your cleaning, maintenance, and repair costs will be.

  • Industrial Floor Installation finishes
    There are a wide variety of finishes on industrial floors specifically designed to offer special characteristics or to protect the floor from conditions that could damage it. Some floors offer a non-slip finish, others a flexible finish, some moisture resistant finishes, and still others offer special hygienic finishes for the food or healthcare industries.
    Do not underestimate the importance of choosing a floor with the correct finish to avoid additional costs or constant maintenance.
  • Environmental conditions
    Certain environmental eventualities can affect the resistance capacity of industrial floors, therefore, it is important to determine under what conditions the product will be in order to choose one that provides high performance for much longer.
    Some of the conditions to be aware of are temperature, humidity, exposure to abrasive agents, and natural weather conditions. 

About quality

When talking about quality, good construction practices, knowledge and experience must be taken into account, in addition to the use of suitable materials, equipment, tools and above all professionals who are knowledgeable about what the construction of an industrial floor implies.

A professional team will be able to guide you far beyond the requirements for the installation of an industrial floor, a task, by the way, quite arduous that requires a professional evaluation to guarantee the best results.

Remember that everything matters and the important thing is to be able to have a suitable floor for your industrial space.

Now that you know what criteria you need to take into account when buying a floor, we remind you that at we have some types of industrial, sports and playground floors, so that you can choose the one that best suits the needs of your business activity.