How to get to Philadelphia flooring Store from two nearby parks

Philadelphia Flooring Store is the place with the best flooring installation materials, to facilitate your flooring installation, besides personalized attention and high-quality work and the best installation team.

How to get to Philadelphia Flooring Store from Clark Park

  • Walking

Clark Park is located in 4300-4398 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104, United States. Philadelphia Flooring Store is 1 hr 2 min (3.0 miles) away

To walk from there to our store you must go north on S 43rd St towards Baltimore Ave. After 0.6 mi you should turn right towards Powelton Ave. for 0.2 mi, then turn left towards N 41st St for 0.4 mi, until you reach Lancaster Ave turning left and walk 16 feet; Turn right onto N 41st St for 0.6 mi then Turn right onto W Girard Ave. to find the Philadelphia Flooring Store on the right.

  • Bus

There are more routes by bus you could take and the arriving time is about 32 to 38 minutes:

  1. From Baltimore Av & 43rd

To get to our store by bus, you must first walk from Clark Park 4300-4398 Baltimore Ave, to the bus stop located right there. The trip will be half hour.

You take the bus at Baltimore Av & 43rd St, 3413th-Market and you must wait 7 stops before getting off at 22nd St, and this takes approximately 7 minutes.

From there walk to Arch St & 22nd St, this will take approximately 4 minutes.

There you must take the 4827th-Allegheny bus, there are 16 stops before getting off and the journey takes approximately 13 to 15 minutes to 29th St & Girard Av.

There you walk about 2 minutes 469 feet until you reach Philadelphia Flooring Solutions.

  1. From Chester Av & 45th

From Clark Park you must go to Chester Av & 45th St where the 1313th-Market stop is located, the route takes 10 minutes and there are 8 stops to 22nd St. From there you must walk about 4 minutes to Arch St & 22nd St, and you will take another bus.

48 27th-Allegheny, this will take you in 12 minutes to 29th St & Girard Av. (its 16 stops before you get there)

From there you should walk about 2 minutes to the north on N 29th St towards W Girard Ave.

  • Car

Getting to Philadelphia Flooring Solutions from Clark Park by car takes 15-17 minutes. There are two routes you can take.

  1. The first is estimated to be about 15 minutes from the park to the store:

Access I-76 W from Baltimore Ave and S University Ave.; It takes about 6 min (1.4 mi). Head north on S 43rd St toward Baltimore Ave. which is about 43 feet.

Then turn right onto Baltimore Ave. about 0.4 mi, then turn left onto Baltimore Ave/University Ave about 364 ft. Slight right onto S University Ave then Merge onto I-76 W via ramp toward Central Phila/Vly Forge for 0.5 mi.

Follow I-76 W to US-13 N/US-30 W/N 34th St. Take I-76 W. Exit 342 for 4 minutes or 2.5 mi. Merge onto I-76 W for 1.0 mi. Keep left to stay on I-76 W. poe 1.3 mi.

Take exit 342 to merge onto US-13 N/US-30 W/N 34th St toward Girard Ave/Phila Zoo from there Drive onto W Girard Ave. Merge onto US-13 N/US-30 W/N 34th St about 876 ft. Finally, continue straight on W Girard Ave and we will be on the right.

  1. The second route by car last about 17 minutes from Clark Park to our store:

From Clark Park, head north on “S” 43rdSt toward Baltimore Ave. Which is approximately 43 feet.

Continue on Baltimore Ave. Take S University Ave, I-76 W, Exit 344 and Kelly Dr to W Girard Ave. This will take about 14 minutes or 4.4 mi.

Turn right onto Baltimore Ave. Then turn left onto Baltimore Ave/University Ave for about 364 feet.

Merge onto I-76 W via ramp toward Central Phila/Vly Forge for 1.5 mi. Take exit 344 for US-30 E/I-676 E, toward Central Phila.

Continue on I-676/US-30 E for 171 feet, taking the Ben Franklin Parkway exit.

Turn left onto N 22nd St and turn left onto Benjamin Franklin Pkwy. Then make a slight right onto Ben Franklin Pkwy/Eakins Ovl.

Once there continue straight onto John B Kelly Dr/Kelly Dr. Turn right onto Sedgley Dr, right onto Poplar Dr, then right onto W Girard Ave and you can find our flooring installation shop on the right.