Hospital Flooring Installation

Hospitals and healthcare facilities have special requirements and require floors with specific characteristics; the installation of hospital floors is of vital importance when designing their structure; many of the visions of layout and design of the facilities are practical and positive, they are not always implemented with the comfort of the occupants in mind.

For hospitals, promoting quietness and comfort is a primary objective. However, this is not always an easy task. Whether it is traffic through corridors, or the transfer of medical equipment, excessive noise can adversely affect patients and other healthcare facility users.

We must not forget that an important factor is hygiene, floors that facilitate daily activities in the place and that can also be hygienic is the key.

Flooring properties of Philadelphia Flooring Solutions for hospitals and clinics:

At the design level, a number of guidelines can be identified in relation to hospital flooring installation:

  • Entrances and corridors are subject to high pedestrian traffic, so floors must be highly resistant to traffic.
  • Waiting rooms and living rooms need a comfortable and intimate atmosphere. That is why floors not only provide resistance, but also ambience. We have a variety of materials, in different designs and colors that can be perfectly adapted to the requirements.
  • Flooring, especially in corridors, should help to dampen sound. We have several materials that can actually reduce the noise produced by footsteps and other elements.
  • Safety is another important consideration when choosing hospital flooring. These should be slip-resistant and easy to maintain, to avoid serious accidents.

The right flooring for a doctor’s office or a hospital

hospital flooring

  • spotless cleanliness

Hospital and medical practice facilities must meet strict hygienic and sanitary standards. These floors must be cleaned and disinfected frequently, and also, must also withstand the comings and goings of patients.

At Philadelphia Flooring solutions, we know that few places have to be as hygienic as doctors’ offices and hospitals. The floors in these buildings must allow for frequent and thorough cleaning, and they have to be as antistatic as possible. Our materials and products can meet these requirements.

  • Durable flooring

Due to the high flow of people in hospitals, the floor must be kept clean at all times, which requires floors that also facilitate the hygiene of the place. Depending on the material, these have certain characteristics, for example, vinyl hospital floors are a good choice in consultation areas, waiting rooms and large places. They are easy to clean and install.

  • Waterproof and non-slip flooring

This requirement is mostly for the functionality of hospital floors. It is mandatory for hospitals and public places to comply with certain safety standards, which is why the installation of waterproof and slip resistant flooring is in high demand in these sectors.

For highly durable flooring, materials such as rubber can also be considered; it dampens sound and can certainly withstand constant traffic and impact.

  • Static

A feature that few take into account is static within healthcare spaces.

The best choice for electrical component areas and hospitals are continuous antistatic floors, so that devices with sensitivity to antistatic charges are not affected. 

This is an important aspect that is often overlooked and only experts in the field will be able to mention it and take it into account when installing hospital floors.

Hospital areas can combine different types of flooring, from more decorative floors to floors with site-specific characteristics.

The good news is that recent advances in materials and installation methods have helped to address these challenges, one of them has been to create wear resistant coatings and adhesive technologies to improve performance in areas with high humidity levels, in short they provide ease of maintenance and strength, a clear example was the creation of a protective coating for hospital floors in the United States that reduces maintenance, scratches, stains and does not require the use of wax.

Of course, we make sure to comply with the standards and laws for the installation process and we are quite fast so there will be no need to vacate spaces and we work during office hours.

If you have a medical office, a dental clinic, office consultations or a hospital, do not hesitate to call us, we have the materials and also a team specialized in installation of floors in various areas.