Christmas deco: flooring for home

Christmas is the most beautiful time of the year, we can fill the house with lights or just some decorations and it would look great, but we thought about you and how you can style your home in a modern and more personal way. Here are some Christmas deco ideas for your tree, your spaces and of course, that can be combined with your floors for your home.

There are many styles, but this 2021 and due to the pandemic, people tend to decorate under a simpler and perhaps, minimalist profile.

Nordic is a very cozy and special Christmas decoration. This style is characterized by using wood and white as a base. It is bright and bets for simplicity. Well, now we will transfer this to Christmas and you will see what a beautiful decoration you can have at home.

  • Nordic style Christmas trees

If there is a decorative element that is never missing this holiday season is the Christmas tree. To give it a Nordic character you have several options. You can choose a small green fir tree and put it without balls or anything in a cloth bag, for example. You can also make your own tree with dry branches placed vertically on a wall. If you like big trees, decorate it with white balls. In the photo gallery you will see several examples, here are two of them.

  • General decoration

The Nordic style is characterized by being simplistic.  So, go for decorative details with simple shapes and very pure lines. A star, a candle holder, some pine cones, some dry branches… Natural materials will always be a good choice, because that is how they do it, they collect most of their materials in the woods and use them at home.


  • Wooden Christmas ornaments

As we have already mentioned it, wood is one of the favorite materials of the Nordic style. Christmas ornaments made of this material will be very appropriate if you want to decorate in this way. You can change the traditional tree balls for wooden ornaments and it will look amazing.

  • Add some color

In this case the color red is the key, as it is a worldwide favorite for Christmas decorations at home.

Nordic decor also carries green, ochre, silver or gold, but a touch of red will make your home look wonderful… you could start with a red vinyl flooring installation and it will really look great for your home and your home, check here: 

In addition to this style, which today is one of the world’s favorites, there are many other styles of traditional decoration, but with a touch of modernity that you could use to decorate your home.

Here, flooring is important, as it can make a difference… hardwood flooring for example, is an excellent material for Christmas, installing hardwood floors in your home is a good idea if you want a cozy atmosphere.

By taking into account the floor you install, you will be able to decorate your home in a more uniform way.

  • Carpet Flooring

Installing carpet flooring is a great idea for a warm space, as the cold weather these days can be a bit uncomfortable and a carpet flooring in your apartment or house is just the best idea. Plus, giving a different touch to your cold floors will help you feel cozier in the space and accentuate that holiday feel. Here you can find what we offer in carpet flooring if you want to explore a little more:

  • Choose a color palette

If among your Christmas decorations you don’t see uniformity, don’t panic, you can find a way to adapt it to your spaces. But we recommend that you define a color palette and say goodbye to decorations that do not combine with this, which includes the types of floors you have installed and their shades. 

This season is associated with colors like red and gold or the always reliable and traditional green, but a great option to decorate your spaces and create cozy environments is to opt for more neutral colors like browns, whites or grays, and remember that to these color palettes you can add some color accents to highlight and you will have something quite sophisticated.

Contact us and we can help you with the installation of flooring for your home to match your decor.

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