Why replace my old floors with vinyl flooring?

Why replace my old floors with vinyl flooring?

Why replace my old floors with vinyl flooring?

For years the flooring trends at home went a lot to wood or carpet floors, both comfortable and warm materials, but over time the cleaning and wear did not make them attractive or easy to maintain, so the vinyl floors appeared as a solution to fill the trends.

Replacing your old floors is an important step and there are many factors that influence, besides the different materials, such as natural stone, ceramic tile floors or luxury vinyl, a material that in Philadelphia Flooring Solutions we handle a lot because it is in high demand thanks to its quality and durability.

If you are in the process of remodeling your home and want to replace your floors, we recommend installing vinyl flooring, we tell you about its benefits and decorative possibilities for your home.

Why choose to install vinyl flooring?

They are comfortable, practical, and resistant; they blend very well, which makes them the ideal choice for residential projects.

Vinyl flooring provides several benefits that contribute directly to the health and well-being of people, in addition to other features that are often unknown to consumers when buying a covering.

Whether building or replacing your floors, installing vinyl flooring will help with the style of the décor, color palette, and furnishings of the environment, as you have the opportunity to give your home a total makeover.

Benefits of vinyl flooring

There are several reasons why we recommend replacing your old floors with vinyl; carpet floors, for example, although many materials are hypoallergenic, they lose this quality over time, and they don’t look good when they are worn. We could cite more examples, but we will leave here the reasons to choose vinyl as the material for your new floors:

  • Quick installation

There is always a risk of damage and excessive expenses associated with construction and renovations. However, unlike other types of flooring, vinyl floors provide a quick and clean installation. In less than 48 hours you can enjoy your floors.

Both bonded and interlocking are very easy to install, and the team will show you how it is done, as it is a clean installation. Another advantage is the possibility of installing over other coverings such as ceramic or porcelain tile, as long as they are leveled with well-adhered tiles and joints.

Despite providing agility in the installation, for vinyl, it is always advisable to look for trained professionals to ensure a perfect finish and minimize the risk of loss of material. Philadelphia Flooring Solutions not only has a specialized team but also high-quality materials, in addition to experience in residential and commercial installations.

  • Acoustic comfort

Vinyl floors absorb considerably the sound caused by the impact of walking, providing a quieter environment.

  • Thermal comfort

Vinyl is considered an athermal floor, that is, it is not influenced by the outside temperature. This type of flooring is perfect for walking barefoot comfortably even on the coldest days. You won’t feel the stifling atmosphere during the hottest days either.

Our vinyl flooring guarantees freshness regardless of the season.

  • Colors, designs and textures

Vinyl offers a wide variety of patterns and finishes, to satisfy the most demanding tastes. The options range from geometric shapes, classic unicolor, flowers and prints, to imitation designs, such as wood.

In addition to being pleasing to the eye, vinyl can be even more pleasing to the touch. If you like fabric textures and rustic surfaces, among others, we offer them for you at Philadelphia Flooring Solutions.

  • Easy to clean

Vinyl floors are ant allergic, do not accumulate fungi or bacteria, and for cleaning you only need water and a neutral disinfectant product.

It is only a matter of sweeping the surface or removing excess dust and food with a dry cloth. Then, dilute neutral detergent in water and apply this solution to the floor with a damp cloth or mop, drying the surface immediately.

Unlike the glued ones, the glued models can even be washed. However, a very common mistake in cleaning vinyl flooring is to leave the surface with stagnant water which is very bad because you can accumulate moisture and this will eventually damage your floors.

Vinyl flooring is resilient and low maintenance.

  • Eco-friendly

This type of flooring is composed of recycled materials, which make it a durable floor, as well as resistant to impacts, stains and traffic. They are one of the best options if you are not only looking to replace your old floors, but also to comply with the social responsibility of caring for the environment.

For more information contact us, and we can help you install your vinyl flooring and leave your old floors behind.

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