Vinyl decoration: floors and walls

vynil decoration

Vinyl decoration: floors and walls


For those who want to give a completely renewed air to the home, with a non-expensive budget, an excellent option is to decorate with vinyl. Vinyl decoration is not expensive, also it is comfortable and it can be installed in floors and walls.

The material’s resistance to water makes it ideal for rooms and spaces where wood tends to be more fragile, bathrooms and kitchens. Its use extends to walls and cladding, being able to create different finishes and unicolor or mixed tones.

Layered construction provides stability, cushioning and a protective finish for added durability.

Vinyl decoration is a modern option

Currently, the market offers several different options for decoration with vinyl for covering floors and walls, which can be beneficial and necessary to protect certain parts of the spaces, your home, office or any place, from humidity, noise, blows, or other types of possible problems.

Vinyl is economical, highly durable and easy to install, which makes them adaptable to almost any space, while maintaining the warmth and style of office environments. To learn more about these alternatives, we share some of the benefits of vinyl wall and floor covering with its features.

What are vinyl floors?

Vinyl floors, also called PVC or vinyl flooring, are a type of continuous plastic coating used in places without excessive traffic that require frequent cleaning. It is made from polyvinyl chloride, abbreviated as PVC. These floors have been used for decades in both commercial and residential spaces. As they are not scratched by traffic, they can be put in halls, living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, but it is also suitable for the bathroom and kitchen because it is resistant to humidity.

Benefits of vinyl floors:

There is a wide availability of designs found on the market, vinyl flooring can imitate materials of wood, stone or smoothed cement, being easy to clean; In addition, it is a material resistant to the high influx of people, since it is highly compact and non-slip. 

Vinyl floors have high resistance to high temperatures but you should always avoid placing hot objects on this type of coating. The maintenance and cleaning of vinyl wall and floor coverings is very simple, they can be cleaned frequently with liquid disinfectant and without any strong product that can attack their surface such as solvents or floor polishers.

Decorative vinyl for walls

Decoration vinyl is a type of special sticker used in the world of interior design. They are durable and resistant, but what has made them a star element in interior design is their affordable price, ease of installation, versatility and the possibility of removing them without damaging the original surface.

These giant sticker patterns can be pasted as a mural on walls, cabinets, tables and anywhere the imagination comes: ceilings, doors, glass, electrical appliances… Of course! To look good it has to be a smooth surface, avoid placing them on stuccoed walls or rough surfaces.


To maintain the original appearance of the mural and the guaranteed durability, it is important to follow the guidelines of:

  • When cleaning the drawing, use only a damp, lint-free cloth. DO NOT use products that contain bleach or petroleum-based ingredients, in any case with mild soap and water.
  • Vinyl should only be cleaned by hand and frequently to avoid excessive accumulation of dust.
  • To remove hard stains such as colored pencil, choose a citrus-based cleaner to remove the stain, and then rinse immediately with a mild soap and water solution.

Vinyl decoration on floors for different spaces at home

Vinyl decoration flooring in kitchen

Vinyl is particularly ideal for the kitchen, as this area of the house receives a lot of grease and humidity and the floor must have non-slip and heat-resistant properties. Vinyl conveniently has a protective coating that prevents stains, always keeps it shiny, and facilitates daily cleaning. 

Vinyl decoration flooring in bathroom

An unquestionable point for vinyl in bathrooms is the possibility of changing the very used tiles, for a floor that is not only more practical in cleaning and maintenance, but also allows you to play with space and light in smooth or mosaic designs for visually enlarge the room that is usually the smallest in the house.

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