Tips to choose the right floors for home with Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

choosing of the right floors for home

Tips to choose the right floors for home with Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

To choose the right floors for home is one of the most important decisions when renewing. There are several factors that must be taken into account to make the best decision. That is why Philadelphia Flooring Solutions has some tips to help you with this matter.

Taking the time to choose the right floor for the house is important; we must not forget that it is something that is not changed every year. The floor has to be durable, resistant, in a color that matches the decoration of the home or creates a comfortable environment.

What floor to choose for your home

In a new home, the floor is the last element to be installed; however we recommend being clear from the beginning about which type of flooring is going to be used.

There is a huge variety of alternatives available today in the market, different kinds of materials and designs, for which we, Philadelphia Flooring Solutions present some keys for a suitable choice.

In addition to being decorative elements, the floors must be able to adapt to the use and conditions, so they must consider the traffic they will withstand, the humidity and temperature conditions.

To take into account when choosing the right floors for home

  • Traffic and use of space

It is recommended to choose the flooring material based on the amount and type of traffic that they will receive. Ceramic tiles or porcelain floors offer the greatest resistance and elegance, but they tend get very cold. Wood floors, veneer or laminate floors are beautiful and warmth, but could be more easily damaged, although it depends on the quality of the floor. Meanwhile, vinyl floors, whether in roll or plank format, are much more resistant to wear and tear and moisture and very easy to install and clean.

  • Humidity and temperature

In the case of wooden floors, laminate or floating floors, it is important to know that humidity affects these types of floors, recommending their use only in areas where they are not exposed to splashes of water or high levels of humidity.

  • Design

For the best overall result, it is recommended to select flooring that complements the style of your interior design. It is better to invest in good quality flooring: the floor is not a wall that can be painted or covered continuously.

Good quality flooring features when choosing the right floors for home

A good floor must meet these conditions:

  • Durability

  • Shock, dent and scratch resistant

  • Low maintenance

  • Anti-slip

  • Easy cleaning

  • Typically, the most common alternatives are linoleum, tile, carpet, ceramic tile, and wood.

Areas to choose which floors to place

  • Exteriors

We recommend that you review the area, there are rustic and natural designs, which give a feeling of volume to the spaces and give it a touch of strength.

There are floors that simulate the textures, shapes and colors of stones and sand, and others that lean more towards geometric figures. You can see our designs for exterior floors here

  • Interiors

The spaces in the house where the floor is most visible are the kitchen and the living room, but the bathrooms are also very important. Since there can be grease and dirt in the kitchen you must take this into account before choosing; there is water in the bathroom so the floors for this specific space should be water resistant, here you can check our waterproof floors. Same process for the living room floor, because there is high traffic in that area, we recommend vinyl which is very resistant.

In these spaces, contrasting tones are also valid, since you can have light colors in the furniture, but floors with intense colors.

For the bathrooms, whites and light grays are still the trend, but bright and geometric textures are integrated to give more dynamism.

Remember to choose floors that, in addition to looking good, are easy to clean and in which you have the installation of the supplier. One of the safest places is Philadelphia Flooring Solutions, our professional team will advise you and carefully install the flooring you want among all of our stock.

Choosing the right floor for each space in your home is a simple task if you think about the function of each space. Follow these tips and you will have ideal and durable floors over time.

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