Terrace flooring installation: decorative ideas

Terrace flooring installation: decorative ideas

Terrace flooring installation is nowadays a very important step to decorate, since the pandemic, home owners have been working in projects to adapt their home spaces into a more comfortable place.

According to a report, since the confinement derived from the health crisis by Covid-19, searches on Google research for homes with balcony/terrace and garden have increased by more than 40%. However, when it comes to carrying out the reform and decoration of your terrace there are several aspects that you should consider, such as what outdoor flooring to choose.

Terrace Flooring Installation

The terrace is one of the rooms that take on a new life depending on the season and how you decide to decorate it. A space that becomes the new living area during the long summer days, the cool spring days and in winter, despite the cold is a space that you should take care of and invest to make it the most comfortable as possible. The pleasant decoration of this environment, perfectly framed in a context of nature, brings a cozy air to the place. 

Renovating the outdoor flooring is a great idea, changing the elements of the terrace and making it more accessible and easy to enjoy. There are different materials that we can use, depending on our tastes or needs. Knowing them will give you the key to make the right choice.

From marble flooring, natural stone or hardwood to porcelain stoneware, there is a wide range of design materials for terrace and outdoor flooring. Take note of these tips to choose the best ‘outdoor’ material and enjoy this highly valued space in the home without any worries.

Types of flooring for your terrace – Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

There are different kinds of materials available for your floors; we are going to provide you with ideas, useful and nice so you can make the right choice.

  • Wood brings warmth

Wooden floors are very decorative and bring a lot of warmth to the space, but they require, at least, a protective treatment every year, because they suffer a lot with the inclement weather.  

At Philadelpfia Flooring Solutions we have it available in hardwood, at an affordable price and excellent quality.

It is available in its natural tone or stained, and with a smooth, grooved or grooved finish for a non-slip surface. 

The installation of hardwood deck flooring is quite simple and our team can do it for you in the shortest time possible.

  • Rubber flooring fits the space

Rubber flooring is a great choice for a terrace or pool area. These kinds of floors are highly resistant and elastic, so they adapt to sudden changes in temperature, inclement weather and wear and tear. They are recommended for use in homes with children, since in addition to remaining intact for a longer period of time, they will not be as harmful in possible falls or games.

  • Natural stone flooring for outdoors

Among the tiles for terraces, one of the most successful is the natural stone flooring. These are great for outdoors spaces since how it looks and how easy are to clean. Burgundy stone, quartzite, granite, travertine, slate, limestone, etc. All the kinds of natural stone have amazing effects or color shades to give your terrace a new look. The diversity and different placement games are also one of the assets of the new generation of stones, proposing the stone mosaic as the main exponent of the new aesthetic dimension of interior design.

  • Metal Flooring

This is a recent trend, installing metal flooring in outdoor spaces and it looks great.

This type of flooring brings a very distinguished and different look to your terrace and undoubtedly marks the style of decoration you choose.

Other decorative elements

  • Outdoor Puffs
  • Rattan furniture
  • Textured furniture
  • Different chairs
  • A central table in wood, metal, wrought iron or glass

You can come directly to our showroom to choose the material and see it firsthand, also, we can give you online advice and we will be happy to assist you.

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