Summer ideas for home: how to choose the right floors?

Summer ideas for home: how to choose the right floors?

Summer ideas for home: how to choose the right floors?

If you have not yet gone on vacation, and while you wait you need to live in a relaxing atmosphere, we propose some summer ideas for home to cope with it.

Summer is synonymous with heat and good weather. Temperatures soar, and we try to look for freshness in any environment. So, to make the house more comfortable during the summer, the house needs to be conditioned. Here is when we need to know how to choose the right floors, because this is quite important if you want a summer place.

When it comes to finding an alternative that allows us to have a cooler house and not resort to air conditioning, we must point out the possibility of having cooler, and comfortable floors that are more pleasant.

And it is these small aids that interior design offers us, are the ones that make us feel exactly as we want. Summer home design is about bringing coolness and tranquility, like when we are in a hammock at the beach.

Why installing new flooring for the summer?

Cool floors are those that, by their nature and composition, provide a feeling of coolness that is pleasant to the touch and transmit freshness in our body. Of course, the weather, the position of the house and the way the air moves indoors influence in how we feel. In this sense, the possibility arises to change the floor and look for an alternative that turns the house into a more peaceful place to live.

By installing a cool floor in our home, we are able to enjoy a cool surface that prevents our body temperature from rising; on the other hand, we are able to feel more comfortable in our home, which is essential to creating a functional and livable space, especially during the hotter months for outdoor floors.

Here are a some ideas for your summer home decoration

  • Tables with summer deco

To give more ambiances to our table, we can add table mats with shapes that allude to the summer to achieve a more tropical style. Materials can also help; wicker will be enough for a relaxed touch. We can also add centerpieces with some greenery.

Maritime designs for your table are ideal starfish, blue underplates, and also napkins in colors or beach designs. White, blue, yellow and beige tones are ideal for the tablecloth.

  • Linen curtains

They look beautiful all year round, but in summer they are a must not only because they look good, but also because of the freshness they bring to the atmosphere.

With heat waves, having them in light colors like white or beige lightens the space and makes it look lighter.

Linen curtains give lightness, help to let the light in, and, with the window open the fresh air get in.

  • Natural fiber rugs


Just like linen curtains, these rugs look great no matter the season, but in summer they can give a stylish atmosphere to your floors. We already know that rugs decorate, close seating arrangements or fill that empty void.

There are different natural materials to choose a good summer rug in different shapes and designs. The best thing to do is to match them with the floors of your home.

Types of floors for the summer

To choose the right floor for your home, you must know the types of materials and discard those that are prone to heat. Parquet flooring is one of the most recurrent, as it is not too hot during the summer and is very comfortable, without forgetting that it is efficient, quality, and difficult to scratch.

Another of the most adequate floors to cool the environment is the natural stone flooring: granite, marble, terracotta, etc… In this case, we are talking about a resistant material that does not require too much care.

As for the non-slip ceramic, it is easy to clean and aesthetically very interesting; in fact, ceramic tiles have a place not only in the bathroom but also throughout the house.

We cannot forget one of the materials that increasingly have more presence in homes: PVC flooring, this is versatile and offers the appearance of other materials; it simulates another type of flooring if you wish.

Whether you live in a city apartment or a country house, good and fresh floors are a must. You can use them to enrich your summer decor and provide comfort and freshness. If you want to install new flooring remember we are Philadelphia Flooring Solutions.


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