Shopping Center Floors: everything you need to know

Shopping Center Floor

Shopping Center Floors: everything you need to know

Shopping Center floors are high-design and also work for heavy traffic, spills, impact, and continuous cleaning. Our floors come in a wide variety of colors, textures, and finishes. Our team handles quick installation for anything you have in mind.

Due to the large number of people who circulate every day in a shopping center, it is necessary to have a floor that is highly resistant to wear and tear to prevent premature deterioration; likewise, for safety reasons, it is necessary that such surfaces be slip resistant.

Importance of Shoping center floorings

These types of floors must meet specific conditions: it is necessary that they be in harmony with the type of decoration and style used in each type of mall, in addition must be safe.

All commercial areas have two things in common: a lot of foot traffic and the need to keep the floor spotless. Without proper, durable, and aesthetically pleasing coatings to protect your concrete slab, your floors can deteriorate, affect the visitor experience, and force repair and replacement times that cost time and money.

Another of the must-have characteristics of shopping center floors is that they must shine. This type of flooring varies according to each style, but mostly it must be shiny all the time since people, even if it may not seem like it, pays attention a lot on these types of details and can change the perspective of a place due to the floors they use.

In addition to appearance, mall flooring has to be slip resistant. Due to the number of visitors and that you can find of all ages, it is very important that the floors are completely safe to walk. In these places it is easy for someone to spill something and if we add to that that the floors are not slip resistant, accidents can be quite serious.

How to choose floors for shopping centers and high traffic spaces?

Currently, there is a great variety of flooring on the market, each with different characteristics and peculiarities. When designing a public space, it is essential to define the materialities according to the requirements and functions of each of its parts. 

We must ask these questions:

  • Where will the flooring be installed? (protected / exposed / wet / humid area) 
  • What level of traffic will it be subject to? (light / moderate / high traffic) 
  • What type of flow will the floor receive? (pedestrians, bicycles, light vehicles, heavy vehicles) 
  • What is the image that you want to project?

Different materials can deliver totally different conditions. Soft flooring will create pleasant and comfortable spaces for the meeting of people or the play of children, while the harder ones will allow the fast and fluid movement of pedestrians. Some will deliver color and texture, while others will deliver a clean, modern look. The correct choice will not only help improve people’s quality of life when leaving their homes, but will also allow the effective inclusion of all citizens.

Some of our recommendations for installing floors in shopping centers

Porcelain tiles

There are many patterns, colors and different resistances, so they are widely used. The use of technical porcelain is recommended because it has low porosity and a more homogeneous structure. Among the available finishes, natural and non-slip finishes are more suitable for high traffic areas.


Wooden floors are very common indoors because they create cozy environments. Therefore, there is great interest in transferring this characteristic to external spaces for collective use. In such cases, it is essential to pay attention to the quality of the wood and ensure that it is treated to effectively withstand the weather. In addition, it is important to carry out specialized maintenance every 2 years.


We find them on the market in various options. The most common are rustic ceramic tiles, in standardized sizes and easy to install on a mortar.


Royal, and sober style. The marble floor is ideal for large interiors because it provides a sense of elegance to the space.

For more options we invite you to review our product catalog  or to go directly and consult the options we have for you.

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