Restaurant flooring installation

Restaurant flooring installation

The variety of types of flooring for restaurants is very wide. However, those proposals that do not offer resistance, durability and practicality in cleaning will be left out of the range of possibilities. In general, suitable materials are sought, with a good quality-price ratio, but without neglecting the aesthetics in accordance with the imprint of the place.

Restaurant decorations, restaurant façade and exterior design, restaurant interior design, restaurant kitchen décor and bathroom décor have many standards to meet.

The floor of a restaurant must withstand the hauling of products from suppliers, but most importantly, it must be an easy to clean floor with textures safe enough to prevent slipping by customers and staff.

The best decorations for restaurant flooring

To achieve a balanced interior design, you should use materials that gather the requirements which should include aesthetic feature; recommended floors for restaurants are those with nice texture, available colors and variety of mosaic designs that adapt to any style and type of restaurant.

The types of flooring for a restaurant will not be the same as those manufactured for exclusively domestic use. In a restaurant, you have to think about the high traffic, the amount of furniture and the wear and tear caused by the movement of tables and chairs. In addition, it is necessary to resort to solutions to the dirt that the permanent presence of food debris causes.

On the other hand, when looking for types of flooring for your restaurant, you should think of different materials for each need. Thus, one type of floor can be perfectly applied to the service area, while another will be optimal for the dining room and kitchen. How would you like the floor of your restaurant to be?

The atmosphere must be pleasant and welcoming so that customers spend more time in the place, bring friends and family and want to come back on another occasion.

In addition to the balance of colors, care with the lighting and with the choice of furniture that is both beautiful and functional, it is necessary to give special attention to the coating, since it is a place with high traffic of people and is in constant contact with drinks and food.

What to take into account when choosing a restaurant floor

  • Acoustic comfort: the routine of a restaurant is always very busy, both for customers passing through the premises and for the team that starts working early in the morning. The ideal is to opt for a floor that does not make noise when walking and minimizes the noise caused by the dragging of tables and chairs and by the fall of crockery, cutlery and other objects.
  • Quick installation and maintenance: the service of your restaurant cannot be impaired because of the installation and maintenance of the floor. The ideal is to go for floors that are easy to install and maintain. In this way, traffic can be released in just a few hours and does not interfere with the establishment’s routine.
  • Resistance to traffic: the traffic in a bar or restaurant is not only formed by customers, but also by all the equipment and by the movement of heavy furniture, such as tables and chairs. The pressure exerted can end up damaging the floor surface if it does not offer adequate resistance.


  • Ease of cleaning: in places where food and beverages are served, it is essential that cleaning is periodic and constant, to ensure both the health and well-being of the people who frequent them. Stain-resistant, water-resistant and washable floors are an excellent option for bars and restaurants.


There is no need to despair when it comes to choosing one of the possible types of flooring for your restaurant. Although the requirements are important, the amount of styles and materials is very wide.

It will always be preferable to look within what is appropriate, even if the design is not ideal. It is a question of guaranteeing to those who choose your space a minimum of comfort, at the same time that a safe and taken care of environment; that will be your maximum satisfaction.


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