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Since 1871, Ecore has been transforming reclaimed materials into performance surface that make people’s lives better. What started with simple cork closures has evolved into diverse portfolio of products solving complex problems in applications ranging from playgrounds , weight rooms, and turf fields to hospitals , hotels and retail environments. Our energy is focused on the interaction between people and the surface. We engineer performance well beyond industry standards related to acoustics, ergonomics and safety. Ecore flooring is ergonomically designed to support muscles and joints through the most repetitive workouts or the most extreme functional training, so you can keep doing what you love, for longer. Everlast basic rolls & tiles are the “original” recycled rubber fitness floor. This is durable surface offers easy and fast installation in a virtually seamless appearance that is ideal for cardio areas and ice rinks. Players will fall… we will be there to catch them ! Athletes will over train… we will let them keep going! Deadlifts will sound like thunder… we will quiet the noise ! 

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Basic Black (8mm), Basic Black (UT), Blue (UT), Blue Jays (8mm), Blue Jays (UT), Buff Blue / Gray 10 (8mm), Buff Blue 10 (8mm), Buff Blue 20 (8mm), Buff Blue 20 (UT), Cardinals (8mm), Cardinals (UT), Dark Gray (8mm), Dark Gray (UT), Gators 3 (8mm), Gators 3 (UT), Green Tea 3 (8mm), Grippin Gray 10 (8mm), Grippin Gray 20 (8mm), Grippin Gray 20 (UT), Lions (UT), Lions(8mm), Mocha Latte 2 (8mm), Mocha Latte 2 (UT), Pumpin Purple (8mm), Raiders (8mm), Raiders (UT), Rippin Red / Gray (8mm), Rippin Red 10 (8mm), Rippin Red 20 (8mm), Rippin Red 20 (UT), Steel Appeal 2 (8mm), Steel Appeal 2 (UT), Tigers (8mm), Tigers (UT), Vikings (8mm), Vikings (UT), Whey Protein 2 (8mm), Whey Protein 2 (UT), Wildcats 3 (8mm), Wildcats 3 (UT), Yellow Surge (8mm)

Basic Rolls & Tiles 

  • Product Key: 8mm, i23, 6mm, 9mm
  • Product Type: Rolls & Interlocking Tiles 
  • Thickness: 8mm, 6mm, 9mm
  • Dimension: 8mm:48″ (1.22m) x 25 linear feet ( 7.62m) OR 50 linear feet (15.24m) 
    i23:8mm x 23″ x23″ (58cm x58cm) interlocking
    6mm: 48″ (1.22m) x 25 linear feet (7.62m) OR 50 linear feet (15.24m) 
    9mm: 48″ (1.22m) x 25 linear feet (7.62m) OR 50 linear feet (15.24m)

UltraTile Benefits 

  • Patented “ultra” high-density wear layer
  • Slip resistant 
  • 2 installation options
  • force Reduction= 50%
  • Energy Restitution=48%
  • Vertical Deformation = 3.7mm 

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