Pet Friendly Flooring with Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

Pet Friendly Flooring with Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

One of the biggest concerns of families when having a pet at home, and specifically a dog or cat, is related to the possible damage that may be caused to the floor of the spaces inside home. However, Philadelphia Flooring Solutions thinks that is no longer a problem: there are pet-proof and easy-to-maintain floor. 

To help you select the right flooring for your home that is capable of coexisting with the four-legged members of your family, here is a description of some of the most popular flooring types and how each of them could withstand the onslaught of dogs, cats and other pets.

Your pet’s claws are a detail, one of the biggest problems with pets and floors is scratches, something very common. Even pets that don’t actively scratch floors can leave their mark simply by walking, running, or jumping. Pets also lose hair, and sometimes they even relieve themselves at home as they forget to do it outside.

Vinyl Luxury Flooring 

This one is a popular choice for families with pets. Luxury vinyl tile as we offer here:  is highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture, scratches, and marks. These floors are also easy to maintain. Vinyl tile is easy to clean, and very accessible. (Some manufacturers offer lifetime warranty on commercial and up to 30 years warranty in commercial LVT floors).

Vinyl sheet: 

Sheet vinyl flooring is also an ideal choice for homes with pets. This flexible flooring is available in a roll, so there are few seams and no caulking is required, but you can get highly realistic styles of wood and natural stone. It has high resistance to scratches, marks and stains. This innovative protective finish also repels dirt and spills, making cleanup a breeze. You can find this product here:  No matter which vinyl you choose, you are sure to enjoy this benefit – it is great for softening the sound of your pet’s nails when walking on the floor!


Vinyl tile flooring makes it easy to clean up little accidents left by pets being trained or the inevitable spill from the water container. And there’s no need to sacrifice style for the convenience of an easy-care surface. Vinyl floor tiles are available in a variety of patterns, colors, and styles that resemble natural products like stone and ceramic tile.

Laminate Hard Wood flooring: 


Laminate wood flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product that is fused together using a lamination process. Laminate flooring simulates wood with a photographic application layer under a transparent protective layer.  These are very beautiful floors, easy to clean and your pets can freely enjoy walking around your house without damaging them.

Our floors are easy to clean and to maintain:

All of our laminate floors require no additional finishes or oils once installed; just clean with a regular floor cleaner and you’re done. Laminate floors do not require polishing, nor do they yellow or fade in sunlight over time.

Your pet must also be cared for, if it is indoors, always make sure it is clean, although it will surely leave some hair lying around, the important thing is that it smell good. If at any time it does their business inside, remember that Philadelphia Flooring Solutions offers you easy-to-maintain floors and cleaning is not going to damage them, but ideally, they should be done outside the house.

If you want to keep your floors in good condition and with an elegant appearance, consult us here:

We have a guarantee for you and so that your pet can enjoy your floors as much as you, because they are also part of the family.

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