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Professional Office Carpet Replacement 

Depending on the amount of activity and foot traffic in your business, office carpet replacement is inevitable. Carpets have a limited lifespan and eventually, you will notice signs that it is time to call in the office carpet installers. There are four major signs that office carpet replacement is needed:

  •  wear and tear, matting, bald spots, fraying or rips
  •  stains can no longer be effectively removed
  •  odors, even after steam cleaning
  •  wrinkling and unevenness which indicate a lack of padding

In addition, you may require office carpet replacement if you notice that your employees suffer from allergies. Older carpets tend to retain more allergens, which is worsened by the fact that they tend to particulate matter. Over time, this can attribute to sick building syndrome, which is bound to affect productivity and ultimately your bottom line. Office carpet replacement is an investment into a healthy business!

Installing the right office carpet starts with hiring professional office carpet installers who understand the importance of proper installation of suitable carpets. Whether you need office carpet replacement or commercial carpet installation in a brand new office building, Philadelphia Flooring Solutions can provide you with fast and affordable service when it suits you best.