Natural stone floors: enhancing your spaces

natural stone floors

Natural stone floors: enhancing your spaces

Natural stone is an easy-to-work and versatile coating. It can be installed on the wall or floor, even as covers or around the sink. Philadelphia Flooring Store has a beautiful collection, and we will tell you about its characteristics, advantages, and also, the issues you might have. Natural stone is a type of sedimentary rock that is obtained mainly from quarries, it is resistant to abrasion and high traffic. It is a hard, resistant, and waterproof coating, so it is suitable for the exterior and interior of the house. This material is characterized by having great resistance to shocks, strong weather, and the weight of objects. No external factor can affect the integrity of the surface. 

Natural Stone in home decoration

In interior decoration, interior design or also called interior finishes nowadays natural stone is one of the materials preferred by professionals, a preference even coming together with materials such as ceramics and porcelain.

In addition, they have a great variety of colors and surfaces that surprises and covers all tastes: black, blue, purple, green, red tones; smooth, sharp, and wrinkled textures. There are also options for the finishes because these can be striated, dotted, veined, or crystalline. Each type of stone has different characteristics in terms of porosity, resistance to wear, and texture, so it is very important to know well the place where it will be placed and the characteristics of the stones chosen.

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It always brings a unique touch to the space where it is located, no matter if it is a rustic, contemporary, or modern design.

Versatile design in Stone

You have to know that Natural stone is a material that never goes out of style and is widely used. In fact, you can make a small corner of the house very elegant in a simple way with this material, in fact, is something homeowners love to do, when they want a different environment. You can use Natural stone for the stairs, the floors, the fireplace, the kitchen, and the bathroom, and that only in the interior.

Characteristics of natural stone floors

Natural stone is usually a very porous surface, and this includes marblelimestone, travertine, and granite. If you do us already in these forums with varnish, any kind of moisture is absorbed very quickly.

On the other hand, any dirt and dust particles can get onto the surface quickly. This can therefore greatly complicate the cleaning job, as a simple rag is not enough.

How to clean natural stone floors or walls

It is true that there are some problems about how to clean natural stone, if we apply all the advice of the best experts, the work will be easier. You do not need to take special care in all types of stone, only for marble and similar stones. If you have a stone made of another material, you just have to keep it in good condition. We will teach you how to:

Use water and soap

We recommend you use a good-sized container to be able to make a cleaning mix. This cleaning mixture should be a solution of water with neutral pH soap. But, try not to use too much water, to avoid excess moisture on the surface. 

Choosing neutral soaps for cleaning is more convenient than regular soap; because these are compatible with almost all materials since their chemicals are not corrosive. For that reason, it is very effective for the cleaning of natural stone surfaces.

You should use a soft-bristle brush or a clean rag. Nor can you use abrasive, rustic, or metallic scouring pads. All of this can scratch the surface and remove the natural luster of the stone.

You should moisten the cleaning element and then wring it out to scrub the surface of the stone in a circular motion. After this, you should use another clean cloth damp in water to rinse the area.

Do not use a lot of water, so that you do not produce mold on the surface. This is important in humid or very cold climates. And if the natural stone floor is on the inside, you must keep the room well ventilated by opening the doors and windows.

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