Mosaic floors for decoration of our home

Mosaic floors

Mosaic floors for decoration of our home

Mosaic floors are cement tiles with a decorated surface, of different sizes and designs, used to cover floors and walls.

Mosaic is almost as old as history itself. Different cultures, such as the Greeks and Romans, included the mosaic in their artistic manifestations, whose manufacture was passed on to other colonized peoples.

We can still see them in good condition in hundreds of really old buildings but architects, designers and people in general all over the world are turning back to this material to meet the aesthetic and utilitarian requirements.

Some history of mosaics:

Before we jump right into the advantages, disadvantages and uses of mosaic tile in home decoration, let’s check the history of mosaics. 

In the Euphrates and Tigris region of Mesopotamia, remains of what could be called mosaics were found, dating back to about 2,500 B.C., although they were not used in the decoration of houses or in floor paving. Sumerian artists depicted activities related to animal husbandry and agriculture, which leaves a great legacy of mosaics in the city of Ur.

In the 4th century B.C. colored and shaded pavements were already being made in Pella, giving volume to the figures, as if they were carved in bas-relief. In the Hellenistic period mosaics were made on carved stones. 

During Roman times, mosaic art spread throughout the empire and both temples and theaters enjoyed the mosaic as a work of art placed at the service of the people.

Today its function and composition has changed a little

Mosaics are made up of three layers:

  1. The surface layer which is decorated.
  2. The intermediate layer, which absorbs moisture.
  3. The lower layer of the mosaic, which is porous, so that it has hardness and adherence at the moment of placing it.

Since ancient times, mosaics have captivated the world with their dazzling colors and distinctive aesthetics. Commonly made of meticulously arranged glass tiles, mosaics approach art and decoration in an incredibly eye-catching way.

Differences between tiles, mosaic tiles and mosaic tiles

It is important to know the differences between these three elements for decorating walls and floors, as each and every one has special characteristics that distinguish them.

  • Tiles: The tile is a type of stone that is manufactured with different materials and techniques. Its finish is more rustic than that of the mosaic.
  • Azulejos: The “azulejo” tile is a ceramic piece that has little thickness and one of its faces is glazed, as it is fired with enamel. It is a waterproof piece with a glossy finish.
  • Mosaics: cement-based mosaics have computer-made patterns that are more precise, stylized, resistant and more elaborate designs than tiles. The final result of the mosaic is not very shiny, it is improved by applying a sealer or waxes.

Mosaic tile on interior and exterior floors:

First, if your mosaic floor is placed inside the house the maintenance is different, let’s check:

  • Use floor mats or a rug at room entrances to keep dust or off the mosaic floor.
  • Sweep floors daily.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth and neutral detergent.
  • Wax periodically with a white cloth.

For exterior mosaic floors here is what you should do in order to take care of the flooring:

  • Protect it from the sun’s rays.
  • Apply a penetrating sealer that allows it to keep its colors and natural shine.
  • If it is placed in places such as the pool or bathrooms, the penetrating sealer is essential to give it impermeability.
  • Apply acrylic-based sealer on the mosaic tiles and joints.

Maintenance for your mosaic floors

Speaking of which then we must take into account some things for their care and maintenance, so these will keep their shine and beauty for much longer.

  • Clean regularly with neutral detergent. 
  • Wax the mosaic with a soft pad. 
  • Remove dirt or abrasive products. 
  • Avoid letting water soak into mosaic surfaces for a long time.

In case the care and maintenance of the mosaic has not been enough and you find stains on it, there are also ways to remove the stains with all-purpose cleaners containing oxalic acid.

Mosaics are art at a decorative level and continue to be trendy after so many, usually for specific spaces such as the driveway or any environment where the mosaic design fits perfectly.

Photo by Drazen Nesic on Pixnio

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