Modern Bathrooms thanks to Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

modern bathrooms

Modern Bathrooms thanks to Philadelphia Flooring Solutions

Modern bathrooms are a refuge, comfort, elegance, and above all, a space for relaxation. The days of simple bathroom design are long gone, as today’s new trends have given us accessories such as towel warmers, soap dispensers, showers with shower heads on the walls and ceiling, Jacuzzis, a place for the television, among many other amenities to make this a sacred space.

Bathroom renovation is a big investment in time and money, so it is important to hire specialized help, such as Philadelphia Flooring Solutions. A budget should be established and then we will start with the installation.

Let’s talk about modern bathrooms in 2021

If we talk directly about decoration trends for bathrooms, you must keep in mind that these spaces have long left behind the whites and flat colors. Pink tones are still used but much more discreetly and in combination with other elements.

Rectangular tiles are a thing of the past and today, modern bathrooms tend to be textured and elaborated. These are some of the new trends for this year.

Bathroom tiles 2021: colors and textures

In general, modern bathrooms can be called textured because the variety of surfaces can be quite wide. And tiles for bathrooms 2021 are consistent with this trend. There is also a rich diversity of colors.

Color in motion

This is the biggest trend of 2021 for modern bathrooms! This tile was developed by innovators from Moving Color Studios, and the amazing about it is that it actually reacts to the change of temperature with a strange play of colors, even though it looks ordinary! This kind of design is also available for bathroom tiles in different textures.

Concrete tiles

What is one of the most durable and elegant floors for the bathroom? Well, concrete tile. Concrete tile finishes are neat, and because it is a composite material with cement as the main binder, its prices are relatively affordable, making it your first choice if your budget is limited. In short: an in for your bathroom with the three b’s good, beautiful, and cheap.

Imperfection effect

Light porosity, wear and artificial aging will be useful in bathrooms with special aesthetics. For example, for cheby, chic, grunge, loft styles, when creating fantasy compositions. These types of trends allow you to choose between different textures for your floors. You can come to our showroom and get yours.

Ceramic coating

One of the reasons why this type of floor and wall covering remains as popular as ever is because it is easy to clean and is very inexpensive, as it follows in the footsteps of concrete in the latter respect.

These tiles have been, are, and will be one of the favorites of bathrooms. They can be ceramic, porcelain, brick, or vinyl, and there are so many textures, sizes, and designs of these that you’ll be spoilt for choice, so it’s wise to establish an idea of wholeness, and choose based on how EVERYTHING would look.

Metal shades and saturated colors

As you may have already guessed, shades of gold and silver will be relevant in 2021. And shiny and matte. You can also experiment with mirror tiles. Do not avoid saturated and dark colors, from mysterious violet and burgundy to dark blue and black.

Ceramics with wood design

In the living room, in the bedrooms, in the kitchen… wood takes over the whole house! Or, failing that, tiles with wood design. They are cheaper than the material itself and they look just the same. With shiny touches, with metallic finishes, totally matte, with aged wood effect, in a light tone, in a dark tone, these look amazing and they are here to stay. You can completely cover the bathroom with them or just opt for the floor or walls, and combine them they look wonderful in any space and is a huge trend for modern bathrooms!


Japanese masters brought aesthetics of imperfection to the ideal! The beauty and deep meaning of Kintsugi confidently conquer modern minds and interiors. Imitation of master’s receptions was also embodied in modern tile design.

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