Marble flooring or granite floors: Choose the best for your home

Marble flooring or granite floors

Marble flooring or granite floors: Choose the best for your home

Both materials reflect elegance and beauty, and both are high quality stones. We want to help you make this difficult decision by explaining the main differences between Marble flooring or choosing to install granite floors instead.

A good way to help you decide between marble or granite is simply considering the visual aspect, since there are notable differences between the two and you may be able to choose only taking into account this factor. Marble has large, wavy veins while granite is has its typical dotted appearance.

In this post we will talk especially about marble floors for homes and its properties for the ambience of your home and why you should choose it, as well as some cleaning tips to keep it shiny and clean.

Choosing between marble floors or granite floors


This type of natural stone is made of several materials fused thousands of years ago due to the temperature and pressure to which they were subjected. It can keep a stable temperature, has thermal properties, high resistance, and there are many variations in color and shapes. Maintenance is simple, but we must be careful with the chemicals that we add on top of it as these could damage its natural shine.

Its main advantages over granite are:

  • It has a cleaner design
  • Its veins delight exclusivity and modernity.
  • Ideal for cladding and flooring
  • It fits very well with avant-garde spaces


Granite is made mainly of quartz, so it has ideal properties to be used in the building industry. Its properties are a great impermeability, resistance and density, so it is ideal for adding it to kitchen and bathroom countertops. Its main advantages over marble are:

  • Greater hardness compared to marble
  • High resistance to heat and scratches
  • Easy maintenance

Now that you know a little more about these materials, it will be easier for you to choose between marble and granite for your home floors.

Modern marble floors for your home

The amount of varieties and options marble offers will make you love the way it looks and want it installed in your home.   Marble is a material with ideal qualities for interior spaces, although it is also sometimes used for exteriors.

  • Colored marble

The chromatic variability of the types of marble flooring is very extensive. This allows you to move in different registers depending on the challenging and striking touch you want to transmit. Blue colors will crystallize your floor added essence of veins and varied stains. Other beautiful colors are red or even yellow, to create elegant and yet modern spaces.   

  • Black marble

In this home flooring renovation, black marble will trap your visitors under a mysterious and distinctive environment. The intensity of the color and the designs are chocking to the eye.

  • White marble floors

If you want to have a modern space in your interiors, while keeping an image of purity and elegance white marble flooring is your best choice. The floor will transmit a kind of vitality due to its outstanding luminosity.

  • Earth tone marble

Deciding on the basis of these brown colors gives you a captivating atmosphere in your interior space, looking warm and elegant at the same time. If warmth is one of your requirements, you can achive it basing on its particularities and amazing look.

  • Marble floors with geometric motifs

The mixture of halos from past eras and future perspectives comes with the types of marble floors with geometric figures. The creative approach takes on importance with a play of colors and figures that make up your dream geographic motifs.

Home Tricks on How to Clean Marble Floors

Running water and neutral soap: warm water is a great help for the maintenance of marble surfaces, together with this type of soap your marble stone will keep its good appearance.

Baby shampoo: apply good cleaning products; without being abrasive is ideal, baby shampoo with a little water and baking soda will be your best ally.

Almond oil: you should add warm water and a third of almond oil to a container; this will provide an incredible luminosity.

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