Industrial Kitchen Flooring Installation

Industrial Kitchen Flooring

Industrial Kitchen Flooring Installation

An industrial kitchen deserves flooring that has specific characteristics, since in addition to design and safety, it must meet hygiene standards.

Philladelphia Flooring Solutions has at your disposal kitchen floors that are manufactured especially for this area of your home or business. 

We understand that kitchens with harsh environments must adhere to exacting standards, including local and regional health codes and regulations. That is why we have created this article on flooring for industrial kitchens, restaurants and food industry premises for simplified hygienic kitchen maintenance.

Specific solutions for industrial kitchens

Every day in an industrial kitchen is marked by major challenges:

  • The need of maximum safety to prevent falls.
  • Maintaining a high level of hygiene and a healthy environment.
  • Keeping the facilities in good condition despite the intense daily wear and tear to which they are exposed.

Slip-resistant for maximum safety

Not all personnel entering and leaving the kitchen wear safety shoes. Therefore it is important that the anti-slip level covers all options. Philadelphia Flooring Solutions offers different anti-slip flooring to suit the requirements of each area; you can review all our products here:

In areas with high humidity, water or risk of spills, we recommend a waterproof floor; its installation will guarantee total safety.  Non-slip finishes are easy to clean and require low maintenance.

Continuous hygiene without additional effort

Philadelphia Flooring Solutions floors have zero surface absorption, which prevents the penetration of liquids and dirt into the floor. This impermeability facilitates cleaning and helps to reduce cleaning time.

The solution is particularly effective in the kitchen. Its bactericidal action helps to improve the level of cleanliness and reinforces sanitary safety without any additional effort.

Installation of industrial kitchen floors 

These are floors that must meet specific parameters in terms of safety and hygiene. At Philadelphia Flooring Solutions we know this and we offer you our floors for kitchens and food industry with the following characteristics:

  • Easy and fast installation

It is not necessary to vacate the place, however we recommend that the installation be done at a time when the floors and spaces are clearer; for this we have a team of professionals who know how to work safely.

  • Resistance

We are not just talking about durability or the ability to withstand impacts from tools and other elements. We are talking about their ability not to be affected by acids or liquids used in cleaning, other chemicals and aggressive substances.

  • Anti-slip

Our waterproof floors have the non-slip condition that will prevent accidents at work. In addition, they are non-absorbent, so they do not concentrate moisture or any other substance that, by accident, spills on the floor. 

  • Hygienic

When working in the food area, thorough and easy cleanliness is essential. There should be no crevices or decorative elements that allow dirt to accumulate.

  • High resistance

Thanks to their composition, these floors offer high resistance to weight and impact of objects. As a result, work surfaces are not damaged, dirt nests are avoided and cleanliness is guaranteed.

Tips for cleaning floors in industrial kitchens

For safety and hygiene reasons, it is necessary to follow several protocols to maintain optimum cleanliness in your restaurant kitchen.

The important issue here is that public hygiene regulations require that food service floors must be maintained in hygienic conditions to protect the health of restaurant patrons, as well as to comply with health codes and regulations. Thus, having properly cleaned industrial kitchens ensures respect for diners and a deep commitment to service.

Today this is more important than ever because of the rules for Covid-19 all that is required to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • Before cleaning the kitchen and food service floors, the floor drains should be cleaned. 
  • Floors that are stone or ceramic should be sealed with a slip-resistant coating to allow for proper cleaning and reduce the possibility of a slip and fall accident.
  • Floor cleaning or floor care should be performed before food equipment handling and/or processing begins; this helps prevent floor debris, such as dust, from traveling through the air and landing on cook workstations or where cooking equipment is located.
  • When using mops and buckets, they need to be cleaned constantly, several times a day. Dirty mops and buckets can spread contaminants on the floor, which can be transmitted to food.

With this you know how to maintain your floors and to install them, just contact us.


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