Ideas for a deck: installing hardwood flooring

hardwood flooring

Ideas for a deck: installing hardwood flooring

If you are thinking about flooring for your outdoor area, having a deck may be the solution. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, they have unique characteristics. Without a doubt, the area in which it is installed will look modern and comfortable.

We will give you some ideas for a deck in your home and, of course, will recommend one of the best materials we have in our stock, hardwood flooring. Remember that it is always important when thinking about expanding, building or making improvements at home, to used quality materials to achieve the desired result.

What is a deck?

The term deck is used as a synonym for terraces built outdoors, generally made of natural wood. It looks great on small patios, or as walk-through areas in the garden. The deck floor provides a natural, harmonious and modern look to any patio or garden. 

The deck can be almost at ground level or raised to adapt to the level of any existing construction. 

Outdoor Hardwood Flooring Uses

The use that can be given to a deck is very diverse; by itself hardwood is very decorative, which makes any part of the house look elegantly ornamented by the different colors and shapes. 

Another alternative is to use hardwood to replace stone, so it is possible to use it on paths and platforms around swimming pools. With the sun, the stone absorbs a lot of heat and heats up to temperatures that are often unbearable for our feet, in addition to the reflection that it can radiate. Hardwood flooring can keep a good temperature and has darker colors, so that the rays that can affect the view are minimal.

The deck or terrace is one of the elements of wood construction that has spread the most around the world. In its beginnings, decks were used to facilitate transit on docks and boat berths. Today they are a functional element found in the contours around swimming pools, as a relaxation space in parks and gardens, in the form of paths through vegetation and even on balconies and terraces, among other uses.

Why install hardwood flooring for your deck?

The materials with which the boards of a deck can be made can be different types of wood and synthetic materials. Hardwoods floors are the most suitable for this new area. A soft wood like pine requires chemical treatments to resist the traffic and weather effects, but this has a disadvantage, treated wood can still have active components that can be harmful to health. 

Ideal places for a deck
  • Around the pool

Having a cover around it will enhance the area, making it a place to relax, and your selfies and pictures will look fancy.

  • For rest areas

It can be given a special touch by applying a deck-type floor covering and accompanying a table or armchairs; perfect for lunch on the weekend.

  • Your space for a barbecue

You can set the terrace area where the grill is by using a system of floorboards. You don’t need a lot of space and you can enjoy a delicious grill in a pleasant atmosphere.

  • Build pedestrian pathways in your yard or garden

The terraces or patios of a house look great with paths that use these types of boards. Even the finishes adapt to different types of projects and ideas.

Building a Deck

A deck can be assembled in different ways: on tie bars, elevated, fixed or mobile, and its structure can rest on any type of floor.

The construction of a deck is very simple. Generally, on a dirt floor, concrete footings are placed, and on them some wooden pillars, finally the hardwood flooring installation and it is done.

Remember to decorate the area with other elements, such as plants and ornaments to make it look elegant, fancy and relaxing. If you want to start this project, remember we have the best hardwood flooring material for your deck.


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