Hotel deco: types of floors for hotel areas

hotel floors

Hotel deco: types of floors for hotel areas


Commercial environments (such as offices, stores, malls and hospitals) require technical and flooring solutions, as well as durable products.  Hotel guests want to abandon the stress of their daily life. That is why your goal should be to create different, but pleasant experiences, and the decoration of the floors in the hotel is vital.

Vinyl is one of the most used nowadays. This type of flooring instantly transmits a brand identity through a wide selection of colors and designs that you can choose for your Vinyl Flooring for Hotels ( But there are so many options available that you do not have to stick with just one type.

How to choose the ideal floor for a hotel?

There is a wide variety of materials on the market. However, when choosing, you must take into account: the area that it will occupy, the use that will be given, the category of the hotel and, above all, the maintenance it will need. 

Let’s take for example the floors in the lobby, these should be resistant to traffic but also, elegant, so we might suggest the use of Marble flooring , Luxury Vinyl,   hardwood flooring , and even carpet flooring.


The selection of flooring for hotels can be a great challenge due to the variety of coatings available in the market. The most suitable floor will depend on several factors, such as: the place of installation, the type of traffic, and how you want the space to look.

Think about what your guests want and need

As we told you, guests are looking for a place that can offer them a different experience than what they live daily. Beyond comfort, they seek to feel like they are in another world, where they can get away from what they see at home everydar, even if it is for a few days, they will be happy in a place that is attractive to their eyes. 

Imagine how great it would be to travel and stay in a room that touches your senses, that offers you superior comfort than in your own home and that is decorated with floors that are beautiful and functional.

In addition, the place has other finely decorated areas, where they can immerse in an experience worth remembering and that makes them want to go back.

To achieve this you must take into account the needs of each area in the hotel…

Adequate floors for each space

Lobby and reception floors

The first impression is what counts, the reception is the most prominent place in a hotel, since it is the first environment with which the future guest has contact.

For this space, the most important thing is a decoration that speaks for the hotel, which is the presentation of what your guests are going to experience when they stay.

Here depending on the decoration, natural stone floors, such as marble or luxury vinyl floors will be your best allies.

Flooring for hotel rooms

Neutral colors have been shown to add a sense of peace and tranquility to the environment. And it is this feeling of calm and warmth that we hope to feel in the hotel room.

In terms of design, it is important to note that the floors can be easily harmonized with headboards, walls and furniture for a better visual identity.

Here everything will depend on what you offer in your rooms, but vinyl floors, carpet floors or hardwood floors are ideal to achieve a comfortable and calm environment.

For spaces such as restaurants, gym and living rooms you can choose a wide variety of floors from our catalog, which can adapt to what you are looking for for each one.

If you want to check our projects in commercial areas and others, you can do so on our website  and we invite you to come to our showroom for a personalized consultation of all the products that Phildephia Flooring Store has for you.

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