Home Flooring Installation for Children and Pets

children and pets

Home Flooring Installation for Children and Pets

More than 7 out of 10 households in the U.S. have a pet, and if we’re talking about children, that pet usually belongs to one or more at home.Selecting the right type of flooring for children and pets will save you time and money in every aspect, as well as make it easier to live with both your four-legged friends and your little ones. We present you the types of apartments suitable for children and pets.

Pet flooring installation

Pets, both dogs and cats, have long been a member of the family and have a place in our homes. One of the biggest problems with pets and floors are scratches, but well, that’s part of the package. Even pets that don’t actively scratch floors can leave their mark simply by walking, running or jumping. 

Pets shed hair too, and sometimes they forget their training not to mess up the house, in the end, we are all living things and we can’t blame them.

Even with a pet that leaves claw marks, sheds hair and is prone to accidents in the home, it may still be possible to have a beautiful, quality floor.

Let's take a look at the floors to install at home suitable for children and pets

  • Installing vinyl flooring, an economical and modern flooring option

Vinyl flooring https://www.philadelphiaflooringstore.com/all-vinyl-flooring is a popular flooring choice for families with pets. Luxury vinyl tile https://www.philadelphiaflooringstore.com/all-luxury-vinyl-flooring and sheet vinyl are highly durable and resistant to moisture, to scuffs. These floors are also easy to clean. 

Regardless of which vinyl you choose, you’re sure to enjoy this benefit: it’s great for softening the sound of your pet’s nails as they walk across the floor!

Some other benefits of vinyl floors are:

  • Vinyl is a material that makes it easy to clean up from small accidents left by children and pets being trained or the inevitable spill from the water bowl. 
  • There’s no need to sacrifice style for the convenience of an easy-care surface. 
  • It’s one of the most flexible flooring products on the market, with the technology for long-lasting durability, easy cleaning and 100% waterproof planks that, when exposed to water, won’t swell, bow or lose integrity. 
  • It comes with luxurious wood, stone, flagstone and ceramic looks, with a textured surface that is not only convincingly lifelike but provides slip resistance for cushioned claws.
  • Natural Stone floors

If you love the style and scratch resistance of natural stone or ceramic tile, but want something that feels more comfortable to walk on (pets included), our natural stone flooring collection https://www.philadelphiaflooringstore.com/all-natural-stone-floor-tile is a great option. 

Natural stone flooring can be installed indoors and outdoors and we guarantee you will have a surface that is much warmer and more comfortable for you and your pets.

Installing natural stone flooring will be of many benefits, it is stain and dirt repellent, to allow for easy cleaning, and the material absorbs sound, for a quieter home, even with claws running in a hurry. In addition, wet or dry, p is more slip resistant than smooth ceramic tiles.

Rubber flooring, a waterproof alternative to water and other elements!

There are many applications for rubber flooring because it is able to bring comfort to any space due to its unique qualities, which make it a more versatile flooring option than you might think.

Among the most common rubber flooring applications are gyms and playgrounds, although in homes it is being used in multiple environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, playrooms, terraces and other spaces where children and pets can be safe.

We also have waterproof floors

The installation of waterproof floors is the best option for you in this case… but just because it has this advantage, doesn’t mean it’s a floor that doesn’t look nice.


Our collection of waterproof floors https://www.philadelphiaflooringstore.com/all-waterproof-flooring  is very wide and fits perfectly to what you need, if it is to protect your floors against liquid elements, this is the option for you.


Our team is trained and qualified to install floors in homes of all types, offices, hospitals, schools and we have the experience necessary to provide the best service to you, your children and your pets.


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