Hardwood Floors are perfect for any home, at any time of the year

hardwood floors

Hardwood Floors are perfect for any home, at any time of the year

The pavement of our home may be one of the most prominent elements in home decoration and in turn, it is the one that must resist friction and falling objects or continuous traffic. Hardwood floors are gorgeous for any kind of space, these come in laminate forms with wood imitation, and the best ones, are made of real wood.

There are many materials that we can use, but thanks to innovation this one, in particular, stands out both for new construction and for reform, and they will look amazing.

A bit of Hardwood floors

Here is a brief review of the history of hardwood flooring and why people like it so much for their homes. It has been a long time because before being presented as hardwood, these were wooden floors in the natural stage. There was no standardization about size. These boards were planned by hand with no preferences, but their development has increased greatly during this period. During this time laminate floors and hardwood floors have made a significant difference in the furnishing industry.

Variety and design

Hardwood floors have a wide range of colors, with a beautiful wood design and properties that other types of flooring do not have. Hardwood floors are perfect for any space in the home if you are looking for an environment that reflects tranquility, with a classic style. The wood designs give an aspect of warmth, cleanliness and do not lose their elegance, regardless of the time of year.

What are Hardwood floors?

They are a type of flooring made from several layers of wood-derived or synthetic materials which realistically imitate different types of wood textures. The finishes imitate wood (which are the most typical), a polished concrete finish, and an oxide finish, ceramic… it depends on the floor, but hardwood is all about wood, as its name points.

Hardwood flooring today

One of the main key elements that led to the success of Hardwood flooring was the fact that it is the most wanted. Wood floors were only available in planks at the time and had to be installed by a professional, and that created a business, today Philadelphia Flooring Solutions offers a wide variety of hardwood flooring and a team ready to install.

Hardwood floors were destined to have a significant impact on the flooring market due to it’s versatility and resistance. Visit our showroom to check all the wooden flooring available and how it would look like in your home or office. You will make a cost and design-conscious decision that you will not regret, and also, we can help you adapt your budget.

It is important for you to take into account that Hardwood flooring has a great hardness and is classified according to use, and resistance criteria according to the type of material, that has an effect in both to impact and to wear.

We have a wide range of models and colors on the market, as well as finishes: https://www.philadelphiaflooringstore.com/all-hardwood-flooring 

They provide comfort and warmth to rooms and create a very cozy atmosphere.

Some of the characteristics and advantages of solid hardwood floors:

  • These are made with high-quality material.
  • They do not have the presence of knots or cracks, and their joints are almost invisible.
  • Are very easy to clean and maintain.
  • With Hardwood floors, the development of microorganisms is not possible.
  • These have the possibility of varnishing or staining.
  • Thanks to their properties, Hardwood flooring has abrasion high resistance.
  • Hardwood flooring is insensitive to radiation, retaining its brightness over time.
  • They have a non-slip surface.
  • They also have high resistance to contact noise.
  • The product is manufactured on the basis of renewable natural materials.

Hardwood floors are great for all types of interior rooms. They can be installed on any slab, clean, smooth, and without irregularities, as long as they have an adequate moisture barrier since this floor is very sensitive to the humidity coming from the subsoil. Do not hesitate and come to us, or make your questions on our website, we will be glad to help you.

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