Fresh floors: materials for flooring installation

Fresh floors: materials for flooring installation

Fresh floors: materials for flooring installation

A wide variety of materials are available for flooring installation at home, office, or commercial space. Philadelphia Flooring Solutions offers a catalog of diverse materials in addition to a team of technicians specialized in flooring installation in any location.

Looking for cool floors? We have them, in this blog, you will know some of the materials that can bring freshness to your spaces, and you can walk barefoot or feel in the environment the freshness that your floors bring.

Fresh flooring material

  • Porch flooring – outdoor flooring

Porcelain tile outdoor flooring is ideal and looks very elegant with a clay finish and designed in mosaic style pieces.

  • Imitation terracotta porcelain tile flooring

Floors associated with rustic homes used to be made of terracotta, a porous material that filters water and stains and required a sealing treatment to facilitate daily use. Porcelain tile floor is engineered to be immune to moisture and grease stains. They tend to look great in kitchens and terraces.

  • Artistic composition in ceramic floors

Glazed stoneware with a decorated surface resembles hydraulic floor designs. These floors are functional and have low water absorption that it is suitable for the kitchen and at the same time brings freshness to the place.

  • Ecological flooring


In the market, brands and manufacturers have experimented with ecological and recyclable raw materials to make different types of ceramic and porcelain tiles for floors and walls. Outdoors it gives an excellent result next to the pool, as it is non-slip and resists water, abrasion and wear.

  • Warm wood floors

Wood is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, in addition to creating cozy interiors. If you want to install hardwood floors you can check our Hardwood flooring catalog or also look for wood flooring materials that can bring quality to your space. Hardwood continues to be a favorite when it comes to installing cool flooring in homes because it looks amazing and is always modern, no matter the season.

  • Marble flooring

This is a natural stone floor that keeps a cool temperature; even cold if you have air conditioning. Marble floors give freshness, elegance and beauty to any space, although the trend of having them in bathroom and kitchen countertops is on the rise because it complements the space and floors.

  • Light floors

Just as houses in hot climates are painted white to reflect the sun and keep the interior cool, the same happens with floors. A floor with a light-colored finish will create a refreshing atmosphere. There are many materials, but laminate flooring is one of the favorites along with luxury vinyl which is very resistant and maintains its freshness, as well as requiring simple and minimal maintenance.

  • Mirror effect on floors

The new floor tiles are a trend made to own every room in the house with their personality and character. Bright and luminous, it is ideal for the different rooms of the house, as it is a porcelain tile. Like marble, a mirror effect floor in ceramic for example, can reflect light effectively and elegantly, especially in light colors after polishing.

  • Luxury vinyl for your floors

Vinyl floors are chameleon-like, they can acquire and imitate almost perfectly wood, stone or concrete, for example. Easy to install and maintain, they are also very fresh and useful. Check out our offer in luxury vinyl for flooring installation.

Other cool floors for your spaces

Carpet floors are always a good choice because they are cozy, allow you to walk barefoot comfortably and look great too. You can call us if you want to install carpet floors; we have a variety of materials and colors.

Cork flooring is another positive and eco-friendly option. Bark from some trees can be used to make it, so it does not require cutting down trees. These floors are anti-static and anti-slip; resistant to humidity, as long as it is not constant. The use of cork as a wall covering or flooring has the effect of soundproofing rooms. Keeping the house’s temperature stable is made easier by its excellent thermal insulating properties.

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