Types of floors for churches

floors for churches

Types of floors for churches


The types of floors for a church will depend on how it will look; the budget for it and the type of architecture; also the type of church, since a Catholic temple does not look the same as an Evangelical one.

Both for exterior floors and for interior floors, different types of floors can be found on the market. Different types and colors can be used for the floors of each room, contributing this to the general decoration of the spaces in the church, some like to us carpet to cover the flooring. 

Trends and design

According to new trends and styles, the types of kitchen floors are different than living, dining room, bedroom or bathroom floors; Of course, the floors or floors for exteriors or for areas with high traffic must be precisely prepared with a high resistance according to their use; in this case, Church Flooring is very special because it gets a lot of traffic, but also must look elegant, mostly because of the type of environment. Some of the advantages of laying these types of floors are: easy laying, easy maintenance, many options to choose from, from ceramic tiles to very luxurious porcelain tiles, or marble floors, one of the most wanted for these kind of spaces, and these are very easy to clean and maintain.

Types of floors that can be installed in churches and other spaces

In this case we will recommend stone floors because it is the most durable material and it can resists wear, aggression and constant traffic. The most rustic materials are the most suitable for exteriors of churches: gardens and terraces. For balconies and terraces the stones must be light and permeable. 

Types of Stone floors

Marble floors for churches

It is a resistant stone, waterproof and easy to clean. Due to its particular design and its high cost, it is related to elegance and sophistication. Marble is often used in bathrooms, although care must be taken as its surface is slippery. It looks fabulous in churches that have a very elegant decoration and architecture.


Granite (Or Granite Tile) floors for churches

It is waterproof and highly resistant, this is why is one of the most common you can find in churches or other public places. Granite is made up of a layer of marble powders and stone grains of different colors and sizes, which give the surface a very distinguish appearance. For large surfaces, or if you want to avoid as many joints as possible, granite can be prepared on site.


Stacked Stone

This is a type of natural stone that comes from a mountainous area that varies in color depending on where it was mined. There are golden, reddish, cream, pink and orange ones. It can be achieved in irregular slabs, tiles, platelets, etc.



It is a variety of marble with a beige hue but more rustic and porous, although some travertines can be obtained with a special polishing treatment (the pores are protected with a special paste and then polished to obtain a matte finish similar to the original).


Carpet Tile floors for churches

The carpet is widely used in churches of all kinds; it is usually used in dark colors despite the high traffic. The carpet is an element that tends to get dirty quickly and requires special maintenance, but despite that it gives beauty and comfort to the environment.


If you want more information about our products and availability, you can visit our showroom directly. We will be pleased to install the floors for your church, since we have worked with large projects before and they are challenges that our team is happy to accomplish.


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