Flooring solutions tips from your philly floor store

Philadelphia Commercial Flooring

Flooring solutions tips from your philly floor store

Flooring is a big change at home because it will literally give another view of the space, it has to do a lot with the tone and personality of your places, Philadelphia Commercial Flooring is the perfect place to help you do it.

We have a complete set of materials to offer, styles for you to inspire, and the experience needed to install wherever you are, whether it is a Commercial or Residential project, we are the lead Philly Floor Store.

We want to go beyond your expectations and provide you with products and a high quality service; that is why we bring you some tips and advice if you are thinking about flooring your home and spaces.

Tips from Philadelphia Commercial Flooring

  • Set a Budget

Flooring is not that expensive but it requires planning, this includes a budget, this does not means that you have to stick to it because you must be prepared for any last second change, but if you stablish a budget, your life will be easier, and you will know what are the spending limits.

The best way to organize your budget is dividing it into the stages: materials you want, style, space where you are going to make the flooring, and very important, what you really can spend on it.

  • Types of Flooring 

Flooring should adapt to the room, so take in consideration that not every type of flooring material is suitable for every room or space. 

Take the ceramic or the woods floors, both are very popular, they look good, they have personality and both can work for residential design for example; but they are different, wood floors are sold more because they do not need a lot of work, they mostly come in planks or strips, and as you know, wood is a renewable source, but you have to make sure of the quality of it, the type of wood and even the way they have been harvested, this will determine the durability and even the look of the flooring.

Ceramic on the other side, is amazing because of the many colors and designs and there are a lot of different types of ceramic you can choose from.

It is very durable and resistant, but this will depend also on the quality, and although it is adaptable to almost every space, it is still important to check if it will match, before installing it.

  • Space for the new flooring

It is vital that you know where you want to install the floors because that will guide you through the process. You need to know the size and shape before choosing the design. Also, to know that flooring just as painting walls, will obviously make a change in the room’s environment, it can make it look darker or smaller, so being aware of the space is important.


In Philadelphia Commercial Flooring, we can guide you in this matter by helping you to test how the space will look, even with the furniture so you can make the right choice.

  • Finally the style

This is the heart of your new flooring, because it will actually make the change you want, so scrolling down checking styles will be important, but keep it realistic and adapted to what you have. With this, you have to take into account all the elements above, the space, the type of flooring and the budget.

Your personality and good taste are of course a reflection of the style you want but it is important that you try to choose from colors, designs, furniture, decoration, trends.

This is just the first part, in other articles we will continue providing you with tips to help you choose the right flooring to create a beautiful and nice space.

If you need to consult prices whether it is for your office, residence and commercial spaces, we offer free consulting, to give you an estimate of the spend.


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