Flooring maintenance in Philadelphia

flooring maintenance

Flooring maintenance in Philadelphia

When someone enters a place the first thing they look at is the floors, depending on how clean or dirty they look it can create a perception of the level of cleanliness and hygiene that manages the whole place. It is likely that if the floors have scratches, dirt or defects give the impression that they lack the standards of cleanliness in the facilities. People’s first impressions are very important and are usually the ones that last, so if you are looking for Flooring maintenance in Philadelphia, we are what you need.

Flooring maintenance includes different tasks. But mainly it is important to understand the importance of cleaning floors for safety, cleanliness and appearance. It is best to have a routine maintenance program that will help protect the investment and performance of your floor so that it always looks like new.

Our flooring maintenance service at your convenience

There are different resources to make the floors look shiny at all times. Also, is important that the floors can last, so all the products most contribute to keep a clean and “healthy” floor.

For example, floor finish provides a renewable, restorable and rejuvenating wear layer on a floor. The floor finish provides anti-slip properties that are most effective for a finished floor to maintain a high gloss level, but with high friction so that the floor is not slippery.

A good service that protects and maintains the floor finish can:

  • Protect the floor from damage and possible scratches, which means, reduced costs for care and repair in case of damage. 
  • The floor finish makes cleaning easier. 
  • The floor will look shiny and more beautiful.

To keep the floors 100% clean and in perfect condition it is recommended to use a regular maintenance program that contains cleaning products that are effective, for this, hiring a good floor maintenance company in Philadelphia is ideal, since being a residential floor, it is important to take care of the daily traffic, without disturbing the inhabitants. This way the appearance of the apartment will be amazing at all times.

It is important before performing any cleaning activity to identify the type of floor in order to perform a job that guarantee a good treatment to its components. A good routine for floor maintenance:

  • Selection of products:

It is important to purchase a cleaning product that is special for the type of floor being treated, whether it is articulated floors or greasy floors. Using a good product is vital to for the floor finish or surface, to have a long-life.

  • Dust mop: 

To start a routine that deep cleans is to use a dust mop because it helps remove surface dirt. You should avoid oil-based dust mops as they cause streaking and can leave a haze on the floor, which attracts more dirt. A clean, dry mop is ideal. You can also use a broom and dustpan to pick up dirt.

  • Damp mop:

After dry mopping use a clean mop, clean water and an appropriate proportion of cleaning product. This will be essential to remove dirt particles. In addition, it will be helpful in preventing the floor finish from darkening or fading due to embedded dirt particles. 

  • Low and high speed polishing:

Low speed polishing works to give a smooth gloss finish. Meanwhile, high speed buffing restores and helps create a glossy appearance. It also works to repair imperfections in a floor finish that cannot be repaired with daily maintenance.

Types of floor maintenance

Ceramic tile flooring maintenance: 

Ceramic tile floors are very easy to clean, but a maintenance plan must be in place to protect their quality as the grout is very delicate. The frequency of routine maintenance should be proportional to the amount of traffic the floor has on a daily basis. 

Maintenance of stone floors:

There are different types of stone for floors, usually these are very resistant. For example, marble flooring. Marble maintenance should be done every 6 to 10 months depending on the traffic on the floor. But, a constant surface maintenance is very important to keep the beauty of the floor, since it is porous and easily stained by spills and dirt. So, be very cautious and hire a good company, like us to help you with that.

Concrete floor maintenance:

First of all this type of floor requires daily cleaning, especially if it is polished or is a high traffic area. Concrete floors require regular deep cleaning to keep them attractive, regardless of the type of building. 

Wood floor maintenance:

 This type of flooring although not as common in large buildings, can be found in offices and homes. It is important to avoid spills. A slightly damp mop is recommended to clean the dirt. 

It is very important to vacuum weekly, because this cleans the dirt that has been forgotten at the time of sweeping or that can carry the shoes. In some cases, specialized wood products can be used.

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