What should I keep in mind before hiring a flooring installation company?

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What should I keep in mind before hiring a flooring installation company?

If you are looking for a technical professional who can carry out your flooring installation project, reform, or any type of work that you are going to carry out, you should take into account some tips before hiring an installer. When we are about to hire an installer we are putting a vote of confidence in that person or company to perform the installation or maintenance service that we require. Whether they are from an air conditioning system, heating, hot water, solar energy, home automation, flooring installation, or perhaps windows and walls.

Is normal to be concerned and have questions about the process of flooring installation

If we have never hired the service of a specialist or professional flooring installer in Philadelphia, it is normal for us to have fears and doubts about the work and the process. 

We can get to wonder who will be that person or team in charge of carrying out the flooring installation service. However, if the installer company is professional, attentive, careful, and clean, and cares about the quality of the work done, the experience with this company will be very satisfactory and you will probably repeat it and recommend it to your circle of family and friends, which has happened a lot in Philadelphia Flooring Solutions, a big percentage of our clients come to us by reference.

Why is it important to hire certified floor installers?

It is essential that the installer we hire is approved and certified to carry out the installation of the floors correctly. You must know that you should avoid, as far as possible, hiring a company that does not meet the necessary and mandatory technical documentation (installation certificate, inspection certificate, etc.). And on the other hand, if we want to legalize an installation or make sure that it is correctly installed according to current regulations, which the installer must know. Philadelphia Flooring Solutions, we have a committed and well-prepared team, with certifications of their experience, references of work carried out, and proof of their flooring installation skills.

However, we recommend you to be aware that it is dangerous to work with people without approval because there may be problems when opting for official assistance for the renovation of facilities, hiring a power supply, passing a mandatory technical inspection, or perhaps, you can be left without insurance coverage in case of damage or failure.

Do some research about the flooring installation market

If you are about to hire a company for your new floors, the best is to consult with friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have used the services of a certain company.

If possible, try to see the finished work and ask about each experience. This you can do by looking at the social media profile, pictures on their website, or going directly to their office. Philadelphia Flooring Solutions covers a large area, you can check our address and we will be happy to attend to you.

Check out trusted websites that post ratings and reviews, so you can read real comments of their projects directly from their customers.

Do people seem to have had similar experiences, both bad and good? You can also check the reputation of a contractor on the internet by entering the name of the company in a search engine along with words like “scam”, “rip-off,” or “complaint.” If you search in Spanish, enter words like “Scam”, “fraud” or “complaint”.

Ask for flooring installation budgets

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, ask for written estimates from multiple firms. Do not automatically choose the lowest bid. Ask for explanations to see if there is any reason for the price difference.

Visit selected companies

You have already collected all the information that interested you in relation to the companies that best suit what you are looking for, in this case, flooring installation companies. Now you need to take the next step before hiring. Check if the chosen company has an office in your city, above we just let you know that you can come and visit. Keep in mind that the costs of hiring a company outside your area could rise considerably.

A good professional team will receive you personally so that you can discuss the flooring installation project. Finally, a high-quality company will design a personalized project for you. Unique and exclusive, presenting alternatives to the possible problems that may arise for your floors.


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