Flooring installation for supermarkets

Flooring installation for supermarkets

Flooring installation for supermarkets


Supermarkets are usually places that receive a great flow of people every day, so their floors, besides being beautiful and matching the place, need to have great resistance.

Therefore, they need to be able to withstand high traffic and impacts, so that they do not break due to the large flow of people. Flooring installation for supermarkets has it specifications, and that is why we have created this article, so you can be aware of the requirements

The services we provide at Philadelphia Flooring Solutions to public spaces have different characteristics compared to residential environments. These floors will be exposed to different situations that rarely apply to the routine of a house. Also, we must take into account that it needs specific products that meet their needs in the best possible way.

High commercial traffic areas

Spaces such as supermarkets, large shopping centers, car dealerships, highway, hospitals and clinics receive many people throughout the day.

The most resistant and durable option in contact with shopping carts, car, transport stretchers, appliances and other equipment necessary for the operation of the business, should be floors in matte finish with polishing and some degree of texturing. The polishing must be used with caution, respecting the correct classification and always analyzing the situation to which they are exposed daily. Try to use brightness with coatings to strategic points, more as a decorative resource. Carpet flooring also helps if applied in the room or after the entrance of the port.

Most relevant needs for a supermarket floor

Having a design that catches the customer’s eye can be the best way to keep them coming back, so vinyl flooring https://www.philadelphiaflooringstore.com/all-vinyl-flooring, which by the way, is sold in many different prints is a great option for example.

Being easy to clean is a must for supermarket floors because of the large amount of people they get on a daily basis. They get dirt quickly, so there is a need to clean them constantly.

And if it is for a renovation, it is interesting because it is easy to install, of course since the place is very spacious, Philadelphia Flooring Solutions has a qualified team to help you with the job. Due to the fact that many people walk the place, at some point or another some part of the floor will break, so its replacement can be done quickly.

The most suitable flooring for supermarkets

The best option for those who are building or renewing a supermarket is luxury vinyl flooring, which offers pieces from 12″ (10) withd 18″ (6), with different categories and many color patterns and appearance for you to choose from.

Being a sustainable floor due to the products used in its creation, it even allows you to put the supermarket label that cares for the environment. It is also easy to clean and to maintain.

Scratches, cracks or tears

Like any type of flooring, luxury vinyl is subject to risk if the necessary precautions are not taken. There are abrasive wastes for any floor and even more so when they have to withstand the traffic of both footsteps and shopping carts, so it is always recommended to use doormats in the external accesses, this will eliminate up to 80% of shoe residues and dirt. 

But this does not mean that vinyl is not durable, quite the contrary! The cover used in vinyl flooring is extremely resistant and it is necessary to apply considerable force to pierce it and reach the printed film, which affects the appearance of the product. In addition, wear covers treated with reinforced polyurethane offer additional protection against the small hazards of everyday life.

If you need to know more consult online with our operators, who can also offer you a budget consultation, we have the most affordable prices in all of Philadelphia, including installation costs.

You can also come to our showroom to see for yourself the products we offer and meet our staff.

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