Flooring installation for schools

Flooring installation for schools

Flooring installation for schools

Anyone who has ever been a student knows how complicated it is to carry out construction work in an educational institution, isn’t it? However, there are some ways to avoid such inconveniences, especially when it comes to changing the floor covering. And that is why you need to learn how to plan a school’s floor replacement with Philadelphia Flooring Solutions.

The fact is that a lack of planning can result in a number of problems in a building site, especially in schools. After all, we are talking about a place that usually has hundreds of children and teenagers in practically three periods: morning, afternoon and evening.

Therefore, it is necessary to find ways to make sure that the change of coatings in a school does not affect the students in any way. There are many precautions that need to be taken, some for reasons of physical safety itself, but they are not difficult to adopt.

In this article we will also talk about the importance of choosing flooring with certain characteristics that are considered indispensable for the school environment.

Choose low-traffic periods if you plan to install new school flooring installation

One of the most important tips for you who are planning to change the floors of a school is precisely to choose periods of low traffic. After all, the smaller the number of students and teachers in the educational institution, the less chance there is of disturbing them during class periods. Check out some common periods:

  • Vacation time

The summer and winter vacations are undoubtedly the best times to install new flooring in an educational institution. This is because these are the times when the school is practically empty, with no students or teachers in the classrooms. 

So, if you are planning to change the school Flooring installation , try to do the work during the vacation period. Usually, vacations take a little more than two months, between December and February – enough time to do the entire flooring change in the institution.

That way, you won’t have to worry about having to keep an eye out for children near the construction site. Likewise, you will not harm the students in any way during teaching, since they will not be on site – and you can make as much noise as you like.

  • Last weeks of the year 

If starting the flooring installation an educational institution during the vacations is a problem, perhaps the solution is to try to condense as many activities as possible into the last weeks of the year. This is because schools are usually emptier as the school year draws to a close, due to the end of exams and term papers.


So when planning a school’s floor change for the last weeks of the year, you are likely to find the environment much emptier. This is great, so that you don’t have to deal with the traffic of students back and forth, as well as the noise of the construction work.

Focus on safety when installing floors in a school

Another extremely important aspect that you need to keep in mind when the school’s floor replacement is about to start, is the safety of the place. This is because all construction work involves the use of machines and tools, which can be dangerous for children, who are obviously in educational institutions.

So if the work is to be done during the school year, it is extremely important to have an employee who can keep an eye on the 

surrounding area. Likewise, he must make sure that there are no pieces of flooring scattered around the school that could be a danger to the students.


The site also needs to be well marked so that students do not end up entering the laying area and causing an accident. All these issues need to be taken into consideration for the sake of the construction site and especially for the sake of the students.

Choosing the right Flooring installation for schools

When installing floors in a school, it is extremely important that you also pay attention to the material you have selected. After all, not all floor coverings are comfortable and safe, characteristics that need to be present in floors in an educational institution.

As always, we recommend you to come direct to our showroom so we can have a talk, and you can see and touch all the materials we can provide for you.

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