Flooring installation for malls

Flooring installation for malls

Beautiful, durable, slip-resistant, traffic-resistant, and easy-to-maintain mall floors are a top priority, or at least it should be, for whoever is in charge of the maintenance and aesthetics of a mall, retail store or office complex. 

There are many options to choose from in terms of materials, but you should know that this is not a job to be done by one person, the flooring installation for malls should be done with planning and hiring a specialized team that knows about installation rules, safety protocols and that can also provide you with a variety of materials to select the right one, excellent customer service and quality assurance.

How to know what type of mall flooring to install?

The flooring system you need depends on the environment where you are located and the performance you require. The Philadelphia flooring solutions team is trained to evaluate your specific needs, covering all aspects of effectiveness, durability, safety standards and overall performance. We provide the right solution to your flooring needs.

Here are some of the requirements to choose the right type of flooring:

    • Beauty: The beauty of the floor you choose will give personality and ambiance to the place, therefore, it is important to choose a material that looks good and can even highlight other attributes within the installation site. Visit our products section to get a clearer idea https://philadelphiaflooringsolutions.com 
    • Durability: choosing a material for large spaces implies thinking that the process to renovate them is tedious due to the large size of the place, in addition they must be materials with a high degree of durability that can look good with the passing of time.
    • Slip-resistant: it is important to take into account that a marble flooring will look magnificent but if it get polished can cause certain accidents, so now it is common to install anti-slip floors, since we do not control the footwear of those who walk in the spaces of the mall, but we do control the avoidance of slips and falls.
  • Traffic-resistant: traffic is a vital aspect to take into account when choosing the material for your floor. Usually malls, retail stores and offices have a high tendency to receive a lot of traffic, therefore a material that provides resistance is ideal.
  • Easy-to-maintain mall floors:  Cleaning floors in large, high-traffic spaces should be easy, so it is recommended to choose materials that are easy to maintain so that they can be cleaned frequently without wear and tear.

You don’t need to stop to install flooring for malls

It is a very common concern when buying a new flooring system for your mall or commercial premises. With Philadelphia flooring solutions you don’t have that inconvenience, because we work according to the established schedule. 

You can schedule the installation during holidays or periods when there is no activity inside the place. Many of the floors we install are specifically designed for fast drying or curing, so you will not have to stop the activities inside the mall, likewise our team can guide you more accurately as everything depends on the material, working hours, the size of the place and other details that are specified when hiring the service.

Our flooring installation service is optimal

These aesthetically pleasing, industrial-strength commercial flooring systems are available in a wide range of colors and blends-we even offer custom solutions to facilitate your choice. You can use special designs on your vinyl flooring (if you wish to choose this material), shapes and textures to encourage traffic patterns, delineate departments and even feature your company logo on the material of your choice.

All commercial areas have two things in common: A lot of foot traffic and the need to keep the floor spotless. Without the proper, durable and aesthetically pleasing coatings your floors can deteriorate, affect the visitor experience and can force repair and replacement times that cost time and money.

Our high-performance materials for large and small stores floors are made to withstand the continuous wear and tear of heavy traffic and daily cleaning. 

Remember, we offer fast, low odor reinstatement time options, making it easy to integrate and maintain new flooring systems without disrupting your daily operational schedules. No matter how busy your office, shopping mall, retail store or supermarket is, our collection of beautiful, durable, slip-resistant floor coverings keep you looking your best for longer.


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