Flooring installation for commercial spaces

Flooring in a commercial space

Flooring installation for commercial spaces

We are a Philadelphia company and for years we have been consolidating our position in the market, our products and services are varied and among those, the installation of flooring for commercial spaces, offices and warehouses, is one of our most important services.

As a specialized team we are aware of the needs of a business, at the level of design, functionality of the place, location and climate, since all this together, helps us to determine what are the right materials, how we should install and what conditions require a commercial flooring installation.

The key to ensure quality in the commercial flooring installation is in the preparation of the space, the materials and the process used for it.

Flooring in a commercial space

Steps on the commercial flooring installation 

Sometimes, due to ignorance or omission, architectural projects can be affected. So you must be aware of rules and steps that should be followed before installing floors, in exteriors and interiors of commercial spaces.

  • Condition the space

For the installation of floors, light is an indispensable resource so that all the procedures can be carried out with greater precision, from the application of the adhesive, to the position of the material, or the detection of any fault in the installation.

The preparation of the place also requires cleaning; for this reason it is necessary to sweep the dust or residues of the work (paint, sand, and cement, among others) from the surface to be tiled, making sure that it is completely clean. This is to ensure the adherence of the material and to avoid future inconveniences.

  • Revision and correction

Before installation begins, our team checks the space for cracks, fissures, holes or any other defects in the level, and if so, we must correct them, since if the defect is overlooked it can be transferred to the material, ceramic, hardwood laminates or other.

You should also detect where the expansion joints are in the tiles -if you choose to work with ceramic- and not cover them with the finish, since it controls the movements of the building, which can break the tiles.

Also, make sure that the walls are plumb so that the installation is perfectly symmetrical. 

We recommend you to research the infrastructural conditions, specifically those which may give way to moisture to the subfloor, subsequently affecting the tiles and causing its lifting.

  • Quantity of supplies is important

We must calculate the amount of supplies and materials needed for the installation. As experts, we always adjust to your budget, without being allowed to work with just enough; we try as much as possible to increase within the expense, a 15% to cover damages or unforeseen events of the pieces if it is required.

  • Before we start, we always check the materials

We do not allow a delay, which is why we always check the material carefully, because a box of defective material can delay the installation of commercial flooring and this is a luxury we cannot afford to give ourselves. We work under a stipulated time and we guarantee materials in optimal conditions.

In addition to the material for the floors, we take care of checking extra supplies so we can work calmly and give you a high quality service.

  • Choose the right flooring material


In the installation of commercial floors it is not the attractiveness of the design that is relevant, but the material, because the use that is going to be given or the type of place for which the floor is adapted. The material could be ceramic, industrial floors, any material must be selected according to the traffic that it will support; it is not the same the floor for the living room of a house, to a floor for the corridors of a shopping center; or the one of a front garden of a house, to the floor of the facade of a hotel: the objects that pass on this one are different, as well as their weight and frequency of use.

Commercial spaces flooring require a pre-installation process where we, as experts, must guarantee that everything is perfect, since the aesthetics of the place depends on the floors, as well as the durability of the material to withstand traffic of all kinds. Do not hesitate to contact us; we are in Philadelphia very close to you.


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