The decoration of your home and the state of mind are related

decoration of your home influences your state of mind

The decoration of your home and the state of mind are related

Decoration experts say that they create environments, sensations, in such a way that you can perceive them with all your senses. Therefore, based on this, we can affirm that the decoration of your home influences your state of mind. These are related, so it is important to take into account anything you add to your spaces, in order to feel in peace.

There are several factors to take into account when choosing the right paint and colors for a home, as a correct choice will influence behavior and emotions. The attractive architecture and the correct chromatic design provide the property with emotional vitality, adapting it to the personality of the owner.  Ask yourself what emotions you would want to feel inside your home. Colors such as white bring freshness and tranquility, while black will be synonymous with seriousness and elegance, but it will all depend in what you like and makes you feel in peace.

Important aspects of your home to help your state of mind

Let’s talk about some matters that you must take care of so your home is that safe, warm and comfortable place you need:

  • Decoration: this reflects your personality, and you will make a space that can be for anyone, but is completely yours. The choice of colors, furniture, ornaments, the distribution of spaces, are important elements that we need to feel comfortable. You have to think about the function of each space (rest, share with the family, receive visits, eat, read, etc.), so choose colors from a colder and more passive spectrum such as blue or green for rest areas or reading, and more active colors like yellow or orange for those places where you exercise, cook, or spend a different time with friends and family. 

Distribute your furniture in such a way that you optimize the space, and combine the forms and shapes.

    • Cleanliness: Clean and organized spaces produce a good mood and increase your energy. Being organized helps us to optimize time, because we do not waste time looking for the keys or some paper, and it is easier to carry out the cleaning tasks. It is the opposite of the madness of the city, so having your house clean and tidy will make you more optimistic and give you the feeling that you can achieve what you want inside a relax place.
    • Lighting: open the windows and curtains, let the air and light circulate through your house. Doing this will repower you emotionally, since you will promote creativity and optimism, new energy will flow. 
  • The Fragance: the decoration influences our mood, but we cannot forget the smell. Scents have the power to awaken all kinds of positive emotions, sensations and feelings. Therefore, it is also important to take it into account and know how to align it with what is most like us so that we feel good in our home, since the way it smells can influence us in our day to day life. 
  • The order within the spaces:

Our mood can be improved or damaged depending on the appearance of our home. A messy and dirty house can harm our stress level or self-esteem. The order at home makes us feel calmer and allows us to live without stress, giving us serenity and even beauty.

  • Cleaning and ordering allows us to sanitize the home, eliminating everything that we do not use or do not give us anything. So it allows us to know better what we have and what we do not have and, therefore, what we really need in our day to day.
  • Seeing the house clean and tidy relaxes, as arriving home and seeing the tidy space gives us relaxation and we feel greater comfort.
  • Cleaning and seeing that, little by little, clutter and dirt disappear from our house, improves our mental health, because it helps to release frustration, anger and anxiety.

Make your home your comfort zone, the place where you wake up in the morning after a comforting sleep, and where you long to reach the end of the day. Follow these tips to make your home the home of your dreams.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask us, remember to take into account the floors you want to install, since these are important when decorating your home if you are looking for peace and tranquility.


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