Academic 26 oz & 28 oz Pewter Commercial Carpet

Academic 26 oz & 28 oz Pewter Commercial Carpet

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The commercial carpet market is typically divided into various market segments including:

  1. offices
  2. the institutional carpet market which includes schools, hospitals, airport carpet, church carpet, and other public facilities
  3. the hospitality carpet market, which includes hotel carpet, motel carpet, restaurant carpet, lounges etc
  4. the retail carpet market, which is identified by carpet found in retail stores, and
  5. and finally, the “other” category, which can include golf course carpet, athletic playing fields, and a number of other non-classifiable markets.

Buying commercial carpet can be a highly technical specification depending on the end-use characteristics. The commercial carpet market is highly diverse and the products sold within this market reflect this diversity. From products designed to clean more easily or repel specific staining agents, to products capable of discharging static electricity for critic computer environments, the commercial carpet industry has become highly specialized. These specialty niche markets still allow for small manufacturers to thrive and survive in an industry dominated by large companies.

While the majority of commercial carpet sold annually is essentially similar in construction and materials to high performance residential carpet constructions, carpet manufacturers have begun to develop a flair for style and design. Some of the most beautiful carpet styles now manufactured are commercial carpet styles.

Construction: Level Pool

Pile: 100% Solution Dyed Nylon

Dyed Method: 100% Xylon Gold SD Nylon w/Mohawk Protection Plus

Gauge: 1/10

Pile Weight (Tufted): 26.0 oz.

Stiches Per Inch: 10.33

Pile Thickness: .160

Density Factor: 5962

Weight Density: 155,012

Secondary Backing: Woven Synthetic

Width: 12′

Total Weight/Sq. Yard: 59.25 oz

Pattern Repeat: None

Wear Warranty: 10yr Limited Wear Warranty

Other Warranties: 10yr Limited Colorfastness To Light Warranty / 10yr Stain Resistance Warranty / 5yr Atmospheric Contaminants Warranty

Mohawk Protection Plus (Soil Protection Plus  Stain Blocker)

Performance: ASTM E-648 (Radiant Panel) – Class I

Smoke Density – 155 (Flame) E-622

Static Property _ .8KV (step) in accordance with AATCC-134

FHA Information – MEA#45574 Type I & II, Class 1 & 2