Commercial Carpet

Commercial carpet is focused primarily on durability and economy (residential carpet are more focused on style and comfort ), commercial carpeting is manufactured to be a great investment that will hold up well over time. These products are designed to hold up under higher degrees of foot traffic while still looking great. Often, they are generally less expensive and come in a variety of sizes, making commercial carpet a great option for large spaces.

Designed to hold up under the unique stresses of a busy company, commercial grade carpeting lasts much longer than residential carpet would under the same heavy use. The typical lifespan of a commercial carpet can be anywhere from three to ten years, depending upon a number of factors, including:

Most commercial carpet is nylon, which is easy to be cleaned. In some cases, it can be treated for stain resistance as well.

The sample room are a computer rendition to display the carpet colors and patterns, please contac us to have a carpet expert to bring you the real samples

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