Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate is an affordable flooring option, perfect for small budgets and great results.

With realistic patterns, textures and a multitude of styles and color choices, the durability, good looks and value pricing means you can expand your decorating ideas without increasing your budget or sacrificing quality.

Laminate Flooring is constructed in layers. The bottom layer being the backing designed to resist moisture. Above the backing is the inner core made from high density fiberboard reinforced with a special resins. The next layer is the image design layer with the high resolution image and the top layer is the wear layer designed to protect from fading, scratches and damage from wear and tear. Today’s laminate flooring simulates the authentic look of hardwood and the possibilities for new styles and colors are limitless.

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Philadelphia Flooring Solutions is a flooring contractor serving the Greater Philadelphia area, The combination of extensive up-to-date product knowledge allows our flooring experts to assist you to get the right flooring solution that best meet your budget and needs, from low budget floors for rentals to luxury hardwoods, we will install the right floor for your property in accordance to the manufacture specification.  

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