Two terms you'll encounter a lot when you shop for flooring are nylon and polyester. Both are synthetic fibers that are used to make carpet. We want to help you know the differences so you can make the best choice for your home and family. Before we get started, one thing to remember about carpet fiber is that it's only one of the factors that you need to consider when purchasing carpet. Other considerations include density, construction, twist level, and ounce weight. As you probably know, carpet offers an incredibly wide range of styles, colors, and pattern options.  


We won't cover those today, but having a general understanding of the difference between  the two most commonly used carpet fibers will certainly help you be more informed as you're shopping. Nylon's greatest strength is its durability. Nylon is such a strong fiber that it's also used to make parachute cords, car seat straps, and lifesaving rope for mountain climbers. If it's that strong, imagine how it will hold up on your floor.  
You know how the legs of furniture can create a spot in your carpet? It takes resiliency to bounce back, and nylon is the most resilient carpet fiber.
Nylon is your best bet for high-traffic areas including hallways and stairs.  


Polyester's greatest strength is that it's inherently stain-resistant. that's a great quality for today's busy households, because you never know what can be spilled on your carpet. Even though nylon isn't inherently stain-resistant, it can be just as stain-resistant once a treatment has been built in. Because it doesn't have to be replaced as often, it may save you money in the long run, but it will require a larger investment up front. Polyester is generally the more affordable option, but it may need to be replaced sooner than nylon. Polyester It's a great option if you love to remodel on a regular basis. Polyester is great for places with moderate traffic, such as bedrooms or formal living rooms.  


At Shaw Floors, that cutting-edge stain treatment is called R2X, which stands for "resistance times two." Many of Shaw's polyester products also have R2X because even though polyester is stain-resistant, it's not inherently soil-resistant, which can be just as big, or an even bigger problem. So, when you're concerned about stain and soil, Shaw has you covered with R2X, whether you buy polyester and nylon. Another word we often associate with nylon is resiliency, which means the ability to spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed.
Even though polyester styles are not as durable or resilient as nylon, Shaw Floors carpets made of polyester fiber still perform very well.  


  Another important consideration when choosing any carpet is color. While both nylon and polyester offer a wide range of color options, you'll often see superior color clarity and more vibrant colors in polyester styles. Patterns are some of the most popular carpet looks today, and you'll generally find more patterns made of nylon. Because of nylon's durability and superior resiliency, it will generally cost more than polyester. Before you start shopping is that you won't be able to see or feel the difference between nylon and polyester, and they both have a beautiful look. Be sure, check the labels, and talk to one of our flooring estimators to help you make your final choice.
If you have any questions, contact our flooring estimators they are Shaw's experts always ready to help and help you choose the best alternative for your needs, preference and budget.


  hardwood floor benefitsHardwood floors are durable and have stood the test of time. Homes which are more than a hundred years old might possess the original hardwood floors should they've been cared for properly. They simply need sweeping or vacuuming and occasional cleaning with wood floor cleaner.  Buyers are willing to pay top dollar for homes with hardwood flooring. In addition, homes with hardwood flooring have a tendency to sell quicker that houses with wall-to wall carpeting. Think about it: builders consider wood flooring an upgrade. They do not charge extra for carpet. Flooring works with all types of decorating, from traditional to contemporary.  Hardwood flooring can be found in several types like walnut, cherry, and walnut, and may be sanded and stained to match the home owner's taste. Whenever your style changes, you are also able to alter the look of your hardwood flooring. New Hardwood flooring finishes provide immunity to every day wear and light stains, without wax upkeep.  Hardwood Floors evoque  wealth, strength and beauty which and will last for generations. There are various reasons to love hardwood flooring. Natural colours, beautiful grain, and marks that talk to the character and uniqueness of every plank, only to name a couple.  Hardwood floors are Natural, beautiful, timeless - these floors will create an inviting and elegant environment in your home.  Top quality hardwood flooring bring a rich, lasting appeal to almost any room. Very durable wearing treatments now allow fresh hardwoods flooring resists scratches and stains better than ever, keeping your floors looking younger longer with easy  and no wax maintenance.  Hardwood floors are an incredibly beautiful design element in almost any room. With the right style selection, it may be the ideal foundation of an area's design.  Hardwood Floors come in a wide range of shades and colours that can give your home a unique and one of a kind character when achieving a clean and consistent look throughout. There is a large selection of woods species to consider for your floor: maple, walnut, hickory, walnut, pine, birch, cherry and many others. 


Laminate Flooring Benefits

LAMINATE FLOORING BENEFITSFor anyone considering having a brand-new flooring installed or replace and existing in their house. Laminate flooring can be an excellent solution that has many benefits over other types of floors determined by the  needs of the homeowner.  Laminate flooring resembles hardwood and is laid with the very same methods, but it is made with multiple materials . Due to this, it isn't a true wood floor despite having a lot of the same features.  One of its main benefits is its cost. As it's not made from pure wood, that is rather expensive to preserve and to purchase, it might be had in a fraction of the price while maintaining a feel and look that comparable. Depending upon the size of the room the costs result in a savings in the cost of the project and may accumulate quickly. Laminate flooring's visual appeal is among its features. Irrespective of how it's not wood substance, it might be designed to undertake the look of any of lots of woods. More so, it could also be customized to match this specific wishes of individual home owners who've a specific colour or grain in mind.  Laminate flooring stands up well to the regular use and various situations in different parts of the house. Whether it's laid in a high traffic area which must stand up to several people who repeatedly across it every day, or a room with external access that may see humidity, dirt along with other outside elements, the substance itself is built to withstand years of abuse and eventually maintain its appearance and robustness over the long term. Many laminates are also scratch resistant, that may prevent them from being scratched or peeling from objects being dragged or slid across them. On the very same token, unlike hardwood floors, laminates don't need to be finished after years of use and are made to preserve their original look, feel and shape without any additional work needed following installation. This lack of necessary maintenance not only saves time and money over this long term, it may also leads to the flooring lasting longer in its original form. With these potential benefits in mind, there are numerous different rooms, homes along with other structures that may benefit from laminate flooring. Finally laminate flooring can be shine and produce a very good impression for a fraction of cost of hardwood floors.


VINYl FLOOR BENEFITSMany persons  whenever they hear the phrase vinyl floors, think of the older vinyl floors from decades ago. While that might stir some memories, it does not represent the current look or characteristics of the current vinyl floors. Vinyl floors were reinvented to include the many advances in technology and design trends. You will be astonished by the many new styles and product options. Today's vinyl flooring is more more flexible, more elegant, more durable than in the past and you will find one to complement any interior design style or expected use.  So what are the benefits of installing vinyl floors? . Well, the product is more resistant to water, humidity, mold and stains. This means it can go in any room of yours house, including bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. A lot among us love hardwood floors and want them through the home. But whenever we get to these spaces, the real wood isn't the best option or solution. With vinyl floors you can select a pattern that reproduces the authentic look of hardwood and you do not need to worry about buckling, moisture and yucky mildew! Design of vinyl floors has come a considerable way and are stylish in contrast to fashions from years past.  It's available in many different styles, colors and finishes. These floors can mimic the appearance of a a large number of floors types like wood, tile and stone. The visual is made from pictures so we may morph any image and move it to the product. After the image is moved along with the product is made, we may add textures which will create a look so natural and realistic no one will ever know the difference. The new vinyl floor is also quite durable and will stand up to the even the toughest tests of a busy household's lifestyle. Many designs possess an enhanced surface coating to prevent scuffing and scratching and also an added backing coating to prevent tears, rips and gouges and even acoustic insulation and anti impact underlayments ar common on this floors.  Bottom line: If you've pets or little kids in the home, or rooms that need to be water resistant, this viny products can manage play time with no problem. If you have not looked at vinyl floors as an option for your house lately, you might wish to reconsider. This product won't let you down. It is stylish, flexible, durable and affordable without having to sacrifice style and elegance.