Outdoor ideas: cobblestone floors

cobblestone floor

Outdoor ideas: cobblestone floors

Cobblestone floors for exteriors require very little maintenance after installation and allow combinations of different designs. The use of cobble stones to pave patios, driveways, paths or other exterior surfaces can be an interesting endeavor that can help to aesthetically and economically revalue your home, by giving an exquisite finishing touch to the spaces that surround it.

Some aspects related to the use that will be given to it, the available budget, the degree of difficulty of its placement, the dimensions of the area to be covered and the final aspect that is sought must be taken into account before you decide to hire us for the installation. In Philladelphia Flooring Solutions we offer you a full qualified team for the installation of your floors, no matter what kind, we can do it.

Types of Cobblestone floors in the market

Considering of all of these aspects will make it easier to choose between the different materials that cobble stone is made of:

 For example, clay pavers (the popular bricks) are made from a combination of clay and slate and are fired at high temperatures to make them extremely durable. These come in a wide variety of colors ranging from light to dark tones, and because their colors are natural, not made with a dye or pigment, you never have to worry about their tones fading. This material requires very little maintenance and only needs an occasional spray of water from a hose and perhaps a little bit of a mild detergent.

Stone pavers can be another alternative to consider for installation in a patio and other outdoor spaces. These have in a much more attractive appearance and a greater variety of colors, textures and sizes, although in some cases they may have a lower durability, since these kind of stones are not usually used for outdoor spaces or lot of vehicle traffic.

Concrete pavers are also durable and can be stained to a specific shade. These have the advantage of being easy to remove and reinstall; however, its maintenance costs may be a little higher, since its colors are less resistant to erosion and the passage of time, which requires extra work of sealing, repainting, and even a change for new material.

Cobblestone Ideas to Make Paths in Your Garden Space

In your garden there are several materials that you can use to build sidewalks, paths and many structures, in the green of the grass or even covering the entire area, the paving stones, natural stone slabs, concrete elements poured in the way you want, all will be part of the design, depending on what you want to achieve in the garden.

A small garden with two types of natural stone floors

You can combine two types of materials, what we recommend is that both be made of natural stone, but in different types. Shapes and colors can even vary; this will give a nice appearance, it should not be so perfect but rather a natural design, accompanied by rocks or sand. You can complement with ornaments or flower pots.

Wood also works for exterior floors

Wood floors are an excellent option to decorate the exteriors of your garden. Wood is itself an element that evokes nature and looks great. Whether it is rustic or polished in appearance, wood is perfect for creating paths in your garden and complementing spaces.

Cobblestone floors in different tones and colors

The mixture of colors or tones in the different types of natural stones, in this case cobblestones, that you choose to totally or partially cover your garden, will help you to design a unique floor, by combining their shapes or sizes, in addition to the colors. 

Pavers can generally be placed on a shaped, leveled and compacted ground base, without the need for any binding material between them, especially pavers that have shapes that fit into each other.

You can beautify the outdoor spaces of your home with a lot of creativity and using your budget in the right way. We have a variety of products that adapt to the spaces you want to decorate, consult us and take into account our articles where we will talk about products and ideas for your floors and spaces.

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