Choosing the right color and style in luxury vinyl flooring

Choosing the right color and style in luxury vinyl flooring

Choosing the right color and style in luxury vinyl flooring

The popularity of luxury vinyl flooring continues to grow thanks to its quality, affordable price, and, of course, its appearance, three elements that make it perfect for homes or commercial spaces.

They are easy to install, low maintenance, and as we told you, it has an appearance that can confuse you, as they look very real when imitating materials such as natural stone.

Now, after understanding the quality and properties of vinyl flooring, comes the task of choosing the best aesthetic option for your home. Well, although this type of flooring can be installed in any room, the idea is that it fits perfectly with the style and type of decoration of each space.

Although this does not seem to be something relevant, taking care of the details of the decoration of the spaces, at home or in the office, will help maintain a clear style. So, to make a decision, you have to sit down and think about what style of decoration you want to evoke.

In the meantime, here are some tips to make the vinyl flooring selection process easy and enjoyable.

Steps to choose the right luxury vinyl flooring

  1. Check your spaces

Look around, and detail if the colors that stand out are warm or cold. By warm, we mean shades of red, orange, and yellow, while cool colors include shades of blue, purple, and green.

If none of these tones stand out, then you can go for neutral colors such as gray, in different shades. This color allows you to go to the fixed and is very easy to combine.

Cold or warm

The outside climate can be a factor to be modified with the help of the floor and the decoration. Colors can evoke a warm or cold feeling visually. Therefore, yellow colors can give a feeling of warmth to a house located in a cold climate, while white colors provide a feeling of freshness to a house located in a hot climate.

We recommend using mahogany, reddish or even wenge on the floor to give a warm and elegant touch, or install gray or cream floors to give freshness and spaciousness to your home.

Visit our showroom to have a reference regarding the designs and colors that we have available for you.

The lighting

The amount of natural light that each room receives helps to make it look bigger or smaller and what you always want is for spaces to look spacious. In such a case, avoid using very dark colors and simple patterns if the room is large and receives a lot of light. Take advantage and resort to installing light vinyl floors to produce a light effect and make it easier to combine with light or dark furniture.


Also, regarding artificial light, it is important to clarify that the colors can look different depending on the tone of light with which it is illuminated. Normally, the warmer or yellower the light, the darker and reddish the floor will look, but when the light is cold (white) the details and veining of the floor stand out and the color is closer to reality.

Vinyl flooring is a useful tool if you want to make your home a special place. Best of all, thanks to the hyper-realistic appearance of these floors, any room can look elegant and luxurious without breaking the bank.

Thanks to this material you can have a well-decorated, comfortable, resistant environment that absorbs external noise and is also low maintenance. Luxury vinyl for floors is a material that adapts to both homes and other spaces and we can install it for you.

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