Carpet floors: style and comfort for all spaces

carpet floors

Carpet floors: style and comfort for all spaces

Carpet floors are not always everyone’s favorite, but without a doubt their uniqueness makes them attractive, comfortable for different environments, adaptable and above all, soft and resistant to traffic.

If you decide to install carpet flooring, you will provide warmth, comfort, noise dampening, something to take into account in spaces where we gather, and these types of floors are good to isolate from the cold weather. On the other hand, Carpet floors also serve to delimit the spaces and visually separate it from the rest of the space.

In addition to adding texture and color, carpet flooring has the function of unifying the overall design of the whole space and help to define the different areas of the space you want to change.

Installing the right carpet floor can completely change the way the room looks.

Benefits of using carpet flooring

There is some question as to whether it is advisable to place carpet flooring because it is mistakenly believed to be the cause of allergies or asthma.

  • Durability and maintenance

Carpets floors are the ideal choice for big coverings. They are known for being durable, easy to replace and for providing a cozy atmosphere. Carpet floors do not require constant maintenance, and they are extremely resistant, so they tend to be durable in any space.

  • Design

When talking about carpet flooring, an environment can be delimited depending on the function and size selected. Carpets are space generators, which means, if two different carpets of the same size are placed in a certain space, two different spaces will be achieved. 

Keys to choosing your carpet floor

  • Space size

Carpet floors, in addition to giving warmth and making our home more comfortable, serve to visually delimit areas. Wide spaces can easily be set with carpeted floors and it is important, in this case, to choose a color that highlights the spaciousness.

  • Material

The carpet floors depending on the manufacturer come in different materials, you can get from synthetic, to floors with natural bristles, but usually the latter are only available for not so large spaces. Also and thanks to technology, there are carpet floors in sustainable and hypoallergenic materials, to avoid health problems.

  • Printed or one-color

This kind of flooring is normally the star of the room it is installed. If simple lines and plain colors own your room, you should indeed break all that symmetry with a nice patterned carpet floor. But if your cushions are geometric, you have crocheted blankets and your walls are full of decoration, you may need to soften your living room with a one-color carpet floor. Strike a balance; it is a matter of taste.

  • Classic or trendy

This is where the budget you have for your carpet floor comes into play. If you are looking for something that will survive the passing of the years and that combines with all styles, opt for the classic; invest in a good timeless carpet flooring. But, if trends are your thing, bet on a synthetic with the pattern and color of the moment to bring joy to your living room.

Tips to keep carpets floors clean  

Wet stains: absorb the liquid with a cotton swab. 

Dry stains: scrape with a spoon and then vacuum the remains.

Dark stains (coffee, chocolate…): pour a little hydrogen peroxide on top, let it act for 15 minutes and then remove it all with a damp cloth. 

Light stains: you can use white vinegar by diluting 50 ml in a glass of water. Pour it on the stain, let the mixture act for a few minutes and then rub with a brush to remove the remains of the stain. Once you have finished, wipe with a damp cloth, vacuum and that’s it.

Stubborn stains: do the same operation as with white vinegar but with ammonia.  

Bad smells: when the problem is that the carpet floor smells bad, a natural trick is to use salt. First you must vacuum the carpeted floor and then cover it completely with cooking salt.


Whether you want to decorate large or small spaces, we have a wide variety here:  

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