Carpet flooring installation: Your own home theater

Red carpet flooring in a hallway

Carpet flooring installation: Your own home theater

Movie theaters are places frequented daily by a large number of people in search of fun and entertainment. But many times we miss the opportunity to have that experience, and we wish we had the chance to go to the movies with the entire ambience in our homes. A Carpet flooring installation  is an excellent idea to start building your own movie theater.

Characteristics of movie theaters and their carpeted floors

There is something that is unavoidable; all the floors that are installed will have to be extremely resistant. A movie theater receives an almost permanent flow of people. For this reason it will be important that the carpet you choose has a good tolerance to traffic and that it lasts long enough so that you don’t have to replace it all the time, of course if you want carpet flooring installation for a real movie theater.

Usually the movie theaters have:

  • Reclining/comfortable seats. 
  • Low lights.
  • Carpeted floors.

About color for carpet flooring

Regarding the color, today if we see the different types of carpets for movie theaters that are on the market most of them show us a combination of dark colors. Although the lights in the movie theater are low most of the time, when they are turned on it is really easy to see if the carpet is deteriorated, which is why dark colors are chosen, so that they can hide the dirt and wear.

What do I need to create a home theater?

A good way to start is to take a room or living room for this project, choose decor, wall colors and so on but something vital to set the mood as it should, is the installation of carpet flooring.

The different types of home theater rugs are prints with angles, edges, curves, abstraction and pure magnetism. Geometric or abstract prints and so many other themes are available in the market too. No matter what the print is, the home theater carpet is usually a very low pile carpet with dark base colors as we said, although the classic red carpet is also widely used, with its aesthetic strength and impeccable monochromatic play simply sophisticated.

Acoustics are very important

Consequently, when we listen to our sound equipment we are not only hearing the sound coming from the speakers, but we also hear the reflections of the sound waves on the walls, floor and ceiling of the room. If the reflections are significant, the listening quality will be seriously compromised.

Installing carpet floors will be of great help because believe it or not, it can help a lot to isolate the sound inside the room.

Again, the listening quality is affected due, in this frequency range, to the resonances of the room itself, which is why we recommend some insulating materials that can help you to reduce the magnetic resonance inside your home theater room.

  • Acoustic insulation for floors and walls

These are closed bristle materials, through which air cannot pass. Examples of insulating materials:

    • Gypsum plaster
    • Brick
    • High density elastic sheeting

In a theater with a large volume, the direct sound reaches the listener’s position in a short time, while the reflections produced on walls and ceilings reach the listener some time later due to the path of the sound.

On the other hand, if the room is small, the reflections reach the listener practically at the same time as the direct sound.

Decoration and final elements

After installing your carpet flooring and adjusting the sound insulation, comes a fun part of the process, choosing wall colors, which we recommend to be dark and matte, you can even use carpet for walls to reinforce the sound insulation.

Then some decorative posters, furniture and armchairs and of course, the most important element of the room: a big screen!

Count on us for this project and don’t hesitate to call us, we have excellent materials for your floors, including carpet flooring for your home theater room.

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