Bathroom Flooring: suitable materials

Bathroom Flooring: suitable materials

Bathroom Flooring: suitable materials

Choosing bathroom flooring can be quite an entertaining task, where several things must be considered, in our previous article about how to choose a design and what criteria to consider, you can get started. These floors are important not only for the style, but because it is a room with some particularities that are not suitable for any type of material. Therefore, we present our top 4 of different types of flooring for the bathroom easy to install and to clean.

Materials for your bathroom flooring

  • Ceramic floor with wood finish

Ceramic tile flooring is one of the most popular flooring solutions due to its high resistance and easy cleaning. In addition, its low moisture absorption rate makes it a very good choice for places like the bathroom. Remember, the best option is matte, avoid using glossy ceramic as you can have serious accidents.

If you are looking to combine the strength of ceramic flooring with the beauty of wood, we have just what you need. There are many designs and colors in ceramic; wood is one of the most attractive finishes to give an atmosphere of nature to your bathroom.

  • Laminate for bathroom flooring

This type of flooring does not require as much maintenance and is a more economical material than wood or natural stone flooring and is perfectly suitable for bathrooms.

The coating is quite strong and stable, has wide range of colors and shades, which will help you to choose the right one, which will be combined with the interior of your bathroom, giving it comfort and style.

They are easy to install and now, thanks to innovations in technology manufacturers have managed to create recyclable and environmentally friendly laminate flooring.

  • Natural stone and granite flooring

In many rustic style houses, stone plays a fundamental role. And not only in walls, but also in floors, even in the bathroom. It is a material capable of assimilating moisture in a more than acceptable way. Therefore, for humid climates, it is one of the most suitable types of flooring for bathrooms. Of course, with a special treatment; stone is an element that, untreated, when wet, gets slippery. To make it non-slip, it must be roughened with a specific process.

As for granite flooring, or even marble in bathrooms; first of all, you should know that these materials are also natural stone; but with other properties. In addition, they have already been treated so it won’t be slippery. Their finish is satin and smooth; and in the case of marble flooring, it looks glossy. The results that you can get in bathroom floors where these materials are used are quite spectacular, and absolutely beauty. They are resistant, and last a long time without suffering wear and tear or damage. In addition, these are floors in which moisture will not manage to enter.

  • Tile and Porcelain Flooring

Perhaps one of the most common types of bathroom flooring in all types of homes, tile flooring often means that the bathroom floor will be combined or coordinated with the wall tiles. In any case, this is one of the best values for money options. Tiles are very resistant and, unless they suffer a heavy blow, they will take a long time to be affected by the passage of time or suffer damage.

They offer many benefits, of which one of the main ones is that they will never be affected by humidity, even if there is a lot of moisture in the room. In addition, they are available in a wide variety of colors, sizes, designs and textures. There is practically a tile for every taste and need. The variety is immense when choosing types of bathroom flooring.

As for porcelain floors for bathrooms, they also stand out for their resistance, so much so that this material is very often used outdoors, especially because they are not easily damaged by knocking or rubbing. In addition, they are easy to clean. It is also not necessary to carry out any type of maintenance of this floor. On the other hand, it does not require large economic outlays to install it, since it is not excessively expensive.

You already have our top of suitable floors for the bathroom, we wait for you in our showroom to see all the variety of materials we have for you.

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